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The State of HR Transformation 2019-20: Adaptable by Design

The disrupted workplace presents new opportunities for the HR function. With the advancement of technology, the transactional burden on the HR function can be reduced and the HR professionals can focus on creating value through outcomes that matter to both business and talent. But how ready is the HR function for these new opportunities? How can they truly create more impact on business at low effort? What will drive the transformation for the HR function?

Under the theme 'The State of HR Transformation 2019-20: Adaptable by Design', Alight and People Matters bring the focus of talent professionals on the current status of the HR function, and the challenges and the opportunities HR teams should be aware of.

Becoming the “Adaptable HR” advocates

Becoming the “Adaptable HR” advocates

Participate in this year’s State of HR transformation study by Alight and People Matters to join the Adaptable HR advocates who are leading the business transformation successfully even in times of crisis and uncertainty.

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