People Matters Principles for Use of Generative AI

People Matters Principles for Use of Generative AI

As a platform committed to bringing relevant and useful content to our community, People Matters is strongly interested in the impact of generative AI on work and the workplace. We believe that generative AI is part of a next generation of technological tools that can help to make the work of decision makers and people and work practitioners faster, more efficient, and more strategic.

At the same time, we acknowledge that generative AI has limitations and downsides that we must be mindful of. We believe that this tool requires high levels of human judgement and supervision. And as content creators ourselves, we also acknowledge the immense role that the work of fellow content creators around the world has played in the development of this technology.

By setting out these principles, our end in mind is to provide as much transparency as possible around our stance towards generative AI and our use of the technology, so that members of our community know what they are getting when they engage with our work.

  1. We may use generative AI chatbots as an assistant in the development of our articles, e.g. to create a structure, for research purposes, to generate examples. However, we will not use chatbots as a replacement for human writing. All of the articles created by People Matters writers are written by humans, with AI remaining only a supplementary tool.
  2. When our team has used generative AI to develop an article, we will clearly indicate so.
  3. We continue to welcome articles from our contributor community and we understand that our contributors may use generative AI to support their work. We expect our contributors to respect each other and our readers by exercising the same level of human ideation, judgement, and transparency about their own use of generative AI.
  4. We may use generative AI chatbots to edit social media posts in order to meet the requirements of various platforms, e.g. character limit, hashtag generation. As with articles, our social media posts are curated by humans. AI is only an assistant.
  5. Due to the ongoing ethical and legal controversies around text-to-image generative AI, we will not use such tools, even to assist our work. We commit to do our best to ensure that the images used in our content are either (a) created by our own team (b) properly licensed by established intermediary platforms (c) purchased directly from the artists themselves.

Generative AI and related emerging technologies will continue to evolve rapidly. We will continue to monitor changes in the environment, including regulatory and legislative requirements, business and social norms and expectations, and other factors that may emerge as we move forward. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that we are always serving the needs of our community. We will accordingly update these principles as needed in response to new developments.

- June 2023