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Your plan of action for a safe return to work

An unending debate has been surrounding the need to and urgency for a safe 'return to work' strategy. As organizations contemplate the pros and cons, employee safety is unarguably the biggest priority and until a tested and reliable solution is found, return to work appears distant, however, not anymore.

Through this exclusive campaign by People Matters & ServiceNow, reimagine a safe workplace and build an exclusive experience that keeps your employees safe, engaged and hooked. Find out from leaders how the ServiceNow® Safe Workplace suite is empowering organizations across the globe in executing a safe return to work strategy, keeping both workforce and workplace readiness at its core.

Learn about - the key constituents of workplace readiness for a seamless return to work strategy, essentials of employee safety at the workplace in day-to-day operations, preventing COVID outbreaks at the workplace, and crafting an employee experience for the new ‘now of work’. Dive into the finer nuances of creating a unified, consumer‑style employee service experience across IT, HR, Facilities, Finance, and Legal with native mobile apps and intelligent workflows.


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The Great Reset

The Great Reset

The key to successfully running business operations lies in enhancing productivity and efficiency with greater integration of technology.

Dr. Deepak Deshpande,
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