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The last sixteen months have brought about a renewed focus on workplace communication, engagement, wellness and productivity. With the scales visibly tipping towards a hybrid future, it’s time to quit sitting on the fence and engage head-on with the need to revamp workflows to drive business agility, operational efficiency, and last but not the least, a great employee experience.

Be it clashing schedules or behavioral challenges that restrict virtual interactions, cross-departmental engagement has taken a hit in the evolving workplace construct, impacting both productivity as well as experience. Through this exclusive campaign by People Matters and ServiceNow, explore how leaders and organizations are stepping up the game and reinventing workflows to enhance the productivity, collaboration and experience for their hybrid workforce.

Learn about: The role of digital workflow solutions in enabling workplace communication and collaboration; driving business agility and operational efficiency across departments; and improving employee productivity, engagement, and departmental efficiency in a hybrid working environment.


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Architecting sustainable collaboration for hybrid

Architecting sustainable collaboration for hybrid

In a Virtual Roundtable Discussion hosted by People Matters, in partnership with ServiceNow, industry leaders came together to explore how to expand hybrid workforce capabilities.

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