Article: Unlock the Future with People Matters TechHR Singapore


Unlock the Future with People Matters TechHR Singapore

The fifth edition of People Matters TechHR Singapore has the most innovative formats, with stellar speakers such as Jacob Morgan, Peck Kem Low, Jason Averbook and Lynette Tan taking you through the complexities of the world of work and how best to resolve it.
Unlock the Future with People Matters TechHR Singapore

After a successful People Matters TechHR India conference, we are ready for you to experience the same monumental event at Marina Bay Sands on August 24 with the fifth edition of People Matters TechHR Singapore. With the central theme of ‘Art of the Possible: Design for The Unconventional’, the focus will revolve around growing your business, the future of tech, how to leverage tech for greater impact and the organisational velocity to shift gears. With power sessions, fireside chats, case studies, panel discussions, keynotes, masterclasses, talent snacks, People Matters Big Questions and Live Q&A, you get a chance to discuss, deliberate and decide the way to navigate the future of work. This year, we have in attendance global luminaries such as Peck Kem Low, Public Service Division; Sunil Setlur, Cognisen and Electrum; Jason Averbook, Mercer| Leapgen, Lynn Dang; SnapChat; Yvonne Tan, Dentsu International; Michele Nyrop, Salesforce; Michael Kim, Spotify; Lynette Tan, Space Faculty & Singapore Space & Technology; Jacob Morgan, Future of Work University; DN Prasad, GovTech; Dean Tong, UOB; Priscilla Teo, National University Health System; Herman Cahyadi, Gojek; Aaron Lim, Park Hotel Group and Jimbo Clark, Box Breakthrough Challenge creator, among others, sharing their insights, newer perspectives and nuggets of wisdom to help you understand the obstacles better as you design and implement new initiatives. 

Here’s a rundown of the most interesting sessions that you shouldn’t miss, which would give you the answers you are looking for to create a better world of work, that’s inclusive, fair and has scope for growth and development for all:

Power Session on Disrupting Corporate Culture

Through this session, Peck Kem Low and Sunil Setlur breakdown the critical elements to architecting a vibrant culture and the ways in which organisations and leaders can redesign culture to become an engine of constant innovation and business growth. 

Panel on Diversity & Inclusion In Action: Are You Creating A Meaningful Change?

With Ivy Paraluman Fajardo De Borja, Mahalakshmi R, Diego Diaz, Ksther Lim and Toyin Ope, get a grip on why equal opportunities, rewards and a diverse workforce shouldn’t be born out of the sheer vanity of having a trendy program but from a sincere commitment to making things better for the present and future generations. 

Panel on Together, For Social Good: Partnering With Multiple Stakeholders

Eugene Lam, Aslam Sardar and Windy Weng are set to answer questions like partnering with multiple stakeholders to achieve SDG targets by 2030, the way forward for these partnerships to enable businesses and governments to pool together resources and skills to achieve prosperity in a short time frame and why doing well and doing good plays a critical role in business and in life. 

Keynote on The Sky Is Not The Limit: Pioneering Possibilities For Asia’s Development

We all know that Asia is poised to pioneer new frontiers, driving economic development, technological advancements and societal progress by harnessing the vast possibilities offered by the space industry. In this session, Lynette Tan will share her experience and introduce you to the power of passion and capability that will catapult Asia to the stars and beyond. This is your chance to learn how you can drive business growth by intentionally supporting initiatives that cultivate the interest and capabilities of your people. 

Keynote on Behind The Mask: How Vulnerability Can Make You A Better Leader

In this session, futurist and best-selling author, Jacob Morgan will take you through an essential component of our personality - vulnerability for leading change, unlocking the potential of others, driving business performance and creating trust. But before that, he will share why vulnerability for leaders is not the same as it is for everyone else, through candid stories, examples, framework and data. If you love his books, this is a prelude to his latest book, Leading with Vulnerability, set to release in October. 

Case Study on A Winning Story of Democratising Employee Recognitions

Nanang Chalid, through this case study, takes you through the journey of how Tokopedia pioneered a peer-to-peer employee recognition program that in turn helped build stronger camaraderie and a sense of belonging, which led to the firm being recognised as the 2023 Fast Company Best Workplace for Innovators.

Masterclass on Understanding the Digital HR Strategy Beyond Tech Projects

Through this masterclass, Jason Averbook will open up a whole new realm of HR digitisation for you as he demystifies the digital equation. You will get to deep dive into fostering a digital-first mindset, truly understanding your audience, crafting dynamic employee journeys, and making sharp, savvy tech decisions.

Masterclass on Box Breakthrough Challenge With The Creator Of The Box

Jimbo Clark, the author and creator of The Box will encourage you to think in, out and beyond the limitations of conventional pattern of thinking in this masterclass. You can learn unconventional problem-solving techniques from the creator himself and get a chance to meet him in person. 

People Matters Big Questions on Progress Or Tokenism: Are We Moving The Needle On Women In Leadership?

With Peck Kem Low, DN Prasad and Ester Martinez, we dig deeper into why so few women are in leadership roles in the 21st century. Even with prioritisation of closing the gender gap, there is still no tangible improvement in participation of women professionals in leadership roles. But the biggest question that needs an answer to is: Is the journey marked by true progress, or are we trapped in the illusion of token gestures?

Live Q&A: Ask Sunil Setlur

In this session, Aaron Lim will take informal questions from the audience and help Sunil Setlur to answer them about anything and everything under the sun: from work, personal obstacles, challenges, complexities and navigating the volatile environment. It’s your chance to have a one-on-one with your inspirations!

So, gear up for Asia's largest HR and Work Tech conference on August 24 at Marina Bay Sands as we set the stage to create an inclusive space to break away from outdated modes of thinking and working and explore new intersections of business, technology, and leadership. See you there!

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