News: Integrated Behavioral Health acquires Claremont EAP

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Integrated Behavioral Health acquires Claremont EAP

IBH, which manages behavioral health and provides integrated employee assistance programs and services has completed its acquisition of of Claremont EAP, based in Alameda, CA.
Integrated Behavioral Health acquires Claremont EAP

As Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) completes the acquisition of Claremont EAP it looks to provide its customers EAP services that Claremont provides across the state as well as the availability of an enriched EAP benefit that is available through Claremont as a Knox-Keene Licensed plan. 

Dan Clark, CEO of IBH shared, “As IBH has grown over the years into one of the larger and most advanced behavioral healthcare companies in the US, it’s been critical to us that we stay laser-focused on the nuanced needs of our customers and patients. We understand that healthcare is a local experience and that each customer deserves a partner that recognizes and delivers personalized attention with unwavering attention to quality and customer service.

He further added that IBH and Claremont were both founded over 30 years ago and share extraordinarily similar values and a patient-centered mission.  

With the rising levels of stress in the workplace, and the pandemic further accelerarting it, mental-wellbeing has become a key focus area for employers across sectros. Nearly half of adults in the US in a recent KFF poll said their mental health has been negatively impacted due to worry and stress over COVID-19. As employers look for ways to support workers who may be struggling, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has taken center stage.

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Employee Assistance Program Services industry is $3.8bn in 2020.

IBH is one of the US’s leading population health management companies, delivering world class EAP, Managed Behavioral Health, Wellness, Data Analytics and Opioid Assessment and Treatment Solutions across the United States. The company currently serves over 10 million members, representing 150,000 individual clients across the United States. With the acquisition of Claremont EAP it has now further expanded its portfolio and brought in more expertize in the area. How IBH further expands its market reach and grows stronger with this latest deal is to look forward to.

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