News: HR tech startup Talkpush secures funding from Latin Leap

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HR tech startup Talkpush secures funding from Latin Leap

The money secured from Latin Leap would help Talkpush drive its international expansion in Latin America, whose emerging markets increasingly rely on virtual recruitment practices.
HR tech startup Talkpush secures funding from Latin Leap

Talkpush, one of the participants of People Matters TechHR Startup Program 2019, has raised capital from venture capital studio Latin Leap. The Hong Kong based HR tech startup’s vision is to empower candidates by getting their voices heard; and delight recruiters with software that lets them talk directly with the right talent. 

Focused on recruitment, it leverages a wide range of technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), big data and analytics, cloud computing, and social media. By automating the top of the recruitment funnel, Talkpush allows recruiters to evaluate and hire candidates faster than ever before while delivering a dynamic and enjoyable candidate experience. Their solution is fully integrated into Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS; taking talent acquisition to the platforms their candidates are on.

As companies deal with the effects of COVID-19, global demand for digital recruitment has dramatically increased and creates new opportunities for Talkpush. The recruitment focused startup is hence planning to use the money raised from the recent round of funding on expansion. 

"We are excited to have Latin Leap join us as an investor and partner to grow our presence in Latin America. The focus on digital recruitment has accelerated in the age of social distancing, and employers around the world are looking for digital solutions that will help them accelerate recruitment as economic activity resumes." said Max Armbruster, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talkpush.

Last year, Talkpush’s technology was used to automate more than 10 million conversations with candidates, more than any recruitment platform in the world, with the bulk of the conversations happening on messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. With customers in more than 10 countries including Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina, the new funding and strategic support from Latin Leap will allow Talkpush to further capitalize on its global growth momentum and help drive further international expansion in Latin America over the next few months.

Latin Leap, a newly formed Venture Capital Studio which aims to become a key pillar supporting the globalization of the region’s tech sector also believes in HR tech solutions of Talkpush. As per Stefan Krautwald, General Partner of Latin Leap, there is a strong outlook for digitalization in the HR sector in Latin America and the industry will benefit from Talkpush’s solutions bringing recruiters closer to candidates via digital tools and automation. 

“Talkpush, with its robust tech stack and impressive list of international clients fits perfectly into our investment thesis of soft-landing tech-enabled businesses in Colombia & Latin America. We are proud to accompany its growth path in the region,” said Krautwald. The way people communicate is ever-changing and talent acquisition needs to change with it. The COVID-19 crisis has further accelerated the demand for digital solutions and once the crisis gets over, the trend is probably here to stay. But Talkpush is the only one with digital solutions in the market. It faces competition with others like TripleByte, TalentBin, Monster Worldwide and Stackoverflow. Currently with intelligent automation being the need of the hour and businesses being tight with their budgets, for work tech vendors it becomes all the more critical to focus on creating solutions that add value to a business. For these startups what will make them stand out is their value creation. They have to focus on ROI now more than ever. 

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