News: Samsung appoints new mobile chief


Samsung appoints new mobile chief

As competitor Huawei’s sales expect a boost in 5G-capable smartphones, Samsung reshuffles its leadership in order to revamp focus on the fifth-gen telecommunication networks.
Samsung appoints new mobile chief

Samsung has appointed its youngest-ever president, Roh Tae-moon, 51, as the Mobile Chief. This reshuffling of leaders comes amidst announcements of court cases involving major executives such as Jay Y Lee. 

Having previously been the Mobile Development Lead, Roh has the experience of helping Samsung’s Galaxy mobile devices to navigate an extremely high competition environment. He was incharge of rejuvenating the organization during a tumultuous time. 

Samsung’s network business chief Cheun Kyung-whoon was promoted to president in order to turn networking into a major business for the firm. 

The company has been focusing its resources on captilizing the market amidst security concerns that are surrounding market leader Huawei. 

As Huawei is expecting to boost its sales numbers of the 5G-capable smartphones, Samsung is taking an early lead on the fifth-gen telecommunication networks. 

Roh had been instrumental in moving Samsung’s focus towards handset production, help in cutting costs, and competing with other lower-priced Chinese smartphone makers, according to Reuters’ reports. 

Former mobile chief and co-chief executive DJ Koh will continue with the company and lead Samsung’s IT & mobile communications (IM) division, which will oversee mobile devices and network equipment.  


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