News: 20% Aussies changed their jobs in 2021: NAB report

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20% Aussies changed their jobs in 2021: NAB report

Recently, The unemployment rate in Australia hit a 13-year-low sitting at 4.2% for January 2022.
20% Aussies changed their jobs in 2021: NAB report

According to the research done by National Australia Bank, one out of five Australians (20%) changed their jobs in 2021. Also, the research reported that almost 25% of them are currently considering leaving their workplace. In both cases, pandemic has played a big impact on their decisions.

NAB’s executive for business Julie Rynski said that the pandemic had shifted the expectations of Australian workers, compelling organisations to work harder to retain talent.

“There are a number of theories why the Great Resignation might be happening but a heightened sense of mortality and burnout due to extra work particularly among frontline essential workers is certainly high on the list. A strong rebound in the labour market is also giving people confidence they will find another job if they make the jump.” she added.

Research also shows that the reasons for wanting to quit include a lack of personal fulfilment, purpose or meaning, career limitations, mental health concerns and poor pay & benefits.

Other reasons for wanting to change jobs included poor work-life balance, burnout and needing a fresh start.

However, some are so fed up they plan to quit without another job lined up.

The findings support predictions that The Great Resignation, a phenomenon which has been playing out in the US and other parts of the world and has affected everyone from frontline workers to white-collar jobs, is expected to bite in Australia from March.

Recently, The unemployment rate hit a 13-year-low sitting at 4.2% for January 2022.

NAB’s research also found there could be a big shake up set for some sectors as around three in 10 Aussies are planning to change the industry they currently work in.

NAB’s research into resignations comes after unusually low levels of employee turnover in Australia. In fact, the latest data for the year to February 2021, shows Australia experienced the lowest employee turnover since the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) started tracking labour mobility in 1972. The ABS data suggests 7.5% of employed people aged 15 and over (around 1.1 million) changed jobs – down from a peak of 19.5% in 1988-89.

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