News: Employees spend the most time on adult sites during prime work hours: Study

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Employees spend the most time on adult sites during prime work hours: Study

Study reported more visits to adult sites during work hours, with longest durations from midnight to 8:59 a.m.
Employees spend the most time on adult sites during prime work hours: Study

While leaders strive to develop strategies for employee engagement and productivity, a recent survey has uncovered an unexpected trend: UK consumers predominantly engage with adult content during their work hours.

Ofcom Online Nation findings revealed a higher frequency of visits to adult sites during the workday, with the most extended durations occurring between midnight and 8:59 a.m. Users spent an average of 59 minutes during nighttime visits, slightly more than the 55 minutes in morning and afternoon sessions. 

Ofcom also reported that 29% of UK adults visited online platforms for adult content during that period, primarily comprised of 73% men and 27% women—equating to 10.1 million men and 3.7 million women. 

Leading the charts, Pornhub attracted 18% of online adult users, followed by Chaturbate at 9% and XVideos at 8%. While Pornhub secured its position across genders and age groups, other platforms like Literotica and Redtube were more popular among women. 

Interestingly, platforms like Literotica and Nhentai had longer average visit times (one hour and nine minutes, and three hours and 42 minutes, respectively) compared to Pornhub's 52 minutes. 

Comparing 2023 to 2022, there was a surge in UK adult visits to porn sites. In May 2023, the overall average time spent on these platforms was nearly two hours. Ofcom's broader findings revealed that UK adult internet users typically spent around three hours and 41 minutes online daily in May 2023. 

This report highlights the integration of adult content consumption into the internet routine for a segment of users. To explore more insights from the annual Online Nation report, visit Ofcom's official page.

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