News: Uponor Corporation appoints new worldwide CHRO


Uponor Corporation appoints new worldwide CHRO

Jennifer Hauschildt is the first leader based in North America to join the company's executive committee in a role other than President.
Uponor Corporation appoints new worldwide CHRO

Uponor Corporation, a Finland-based international supplier of building, infrastructure, and water solutions, has announced the appointment of Jennifer Hauschildt as Chief Human Resources Officer for the company worldwide, effective 1 April and reporting directly to Michael Rauterkus, President and CEO of Uponor Corporation. The position is a new one and intended to help the company advance what it describes as a People First culture that, among other things, emphasises making flexibility available and providing career advancement.

Hauschildt is based in the US, where she was previously Vice President, Human Resources for the North American division. She will be the first leader from that region to join the company's executive committee in a capacity other than President. According to the announcement, her main responsibility in the new role will be to ensure alignment between the company's business strategy and driving its People First culture globally. She will travel worldwide as needed, to "establish working relationships across the entire Uponor organisation and move key initiatives forward."

She has been with Uponor since 2014, initially holding a leadership role with the IT division for North America. Prior to that she was with Thomson Reuters in a leadership capacity with various departments including human resources, talent development, diversity and IT.

Rauterkus commented on the company's good fortune in having Hauschildt as an internal candidate for the role.

"She brings excellent organisation and high-performance culture development skills, as well as extensive HR experience to the role," he said. "I am happy we found her internally, demonstrating our strong in-house experience and talent. Her capabilities and leadership are a great fit for driving the next phase of Uponor's People First agenda."

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