Article: Sketchnote on how to retain your talent

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Sketchnote on how to retain your talent

Retaining key talent is critical for the sustainable health and success of the organizations. Failing to retain a key talent can prove to be costly to the bottom line. Through this sketch-note, lets look at some of the ways by which high performing organizations retain their key talent
Sketchnote on how to retain your talent

Retaining talent has always been a major concern for businesses. As the workforce is getting diverse with millennials entering and occupying a large segment; their needs and preferences are different and they do not work solely for promotions and perks but for varied skills development and career growth. A fresh approach is therefore required to keep them engaged and to retain them for a longer period of time. High-performing organizations have realised that creating a culture of growth and mobility is the key to engaging and retaining employees. Let’s take a look at some of the approaches successful organisations take to engage, inspire and retain their talent.

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