Article: People Matters Sphere: A bite-sized daily dose of learning

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People Matters Sphere: A bite-sized daily dose of learning

With a daily dose of five bite-sized stories, or 1500 words capturing opinions, insights, analysis and news from the space of people and work, People Matters Sphere, is designed to enhance your learning and empower you to stay ahead of the curve.
People Matters Sphere: A bite-sized daily dose of learning

The world is under a “Great Lockdown”, as stated by the International Monetary Fund a few days ago. This great lockdown, while crucial to sustain the human race in the coming times, is impacting more than just routine life. The ongoing disruption has led to capability building becoming a top priority to survive and thrive, triggering an urgency to learn and equip oneself with the right knowledge to be able to come up with breakthrough ideas to sustain, engage and empower, both people and business . But how can one ensure that they are able to add to their knowledge base while not taking away much time from other deliverables? 

The answer is simple - People Matters Sphere, a content app to fulfil your appetite for learning with five powerful, relevant and crisp daily doses of insights, analysis, news and opinions, from the global sphere of people and work.

It is just a bite-sized app and yet manages to pack in a punch in a few minutes, keeping its readers updated with global trends in HR Tech, and Transformation, Talent Management, Leadership, Employee Experience, Global C-Suite movements, Culture, Total Rewards and Benefits, Future of Work, Learning and Development, Economies and Policies, Performance Management, and more.

Speaking of the role People Matters Sphere plays in digital learning amid the ongoing crisis, Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters said, “In these volatile & uncertain times, the need for crisp & relevant information is real. We are committed to enabling every talent leader to become indispensable by bringing the most progressive ideas, insights, and perspectives from the world of people & work."

Today the sources to acquire knowledge across domains are in plenty, leaving a majority of the learning population at the crossroads of what to learn, unlearn and relearn, in an era that demands continuous learning.

Filtering through the piles of information available in the market, applying the lens of relevance, forward-thinking, strategic, breakthrough work, People Matters Sphere, curated from the Editor’s desk, offers you 25 compact yet powerful stories every week.

What are you waiting for? Download People Matters Sphere from Playstore/ Appstore and get yourself and your teams onboard a digital learning journey that strives to give you what you need, not less, and not more.

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