Article: 5 Compelling alternatives to ChatGPT

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5 Compelling alternatives to ChatGPT

Beyond ChatGPT, the generative AI space sees 17,000 new startups this year – a 38% rise since ChatGPT's inception – and experts predict a focus on specialised applications in the next AI wave.
5 Compelling alternatives to ChatGPT

The generative AI space is far from limited to ChatGPT. Over 17,000 AI-focused startups have emerged this year, a 38% increase from 2022, since ChatGPT launched in November. Although large language models like those from Google, Microsoft, Meta, and others directly compete with ChatGPT, experts predict the next wave of AI will focus on specialised applications. By using these AI tools optimised for specific purposes, companies can accelerate deployment, train staff effectively, and increase productivity faster.

Having said that, the expanding use of ChatGPT in workplaces brings heightened risks, seen in data exposure and legal actions like Samsung's case. Legal actions have been taken against some due to issues related to data privacy, copyright violations, or bias. A number of them have also come under scrutiny due to inaccurate information or ethical concerns surrounding job displacement and societal impacts.

Here are five compelling alternatives to ChatGPT that business users are clamouring for:

For coding: GitHub's CoPilot

GitHub's CoPilot stands out as an example of specialised generative AI. In contrast to ChatGPT, which guides developers with code generation, CoPilot assists in crafting original code and integrating it into operations. The AI also adapts to the coding style of individual developers over time, resulting in more efficient and error-free code production.

For images, graphics: Adobe's Firefly

Currently in beta testing, Adobe's Firefly generative AI is a nice tool for graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and content creators. This AI generates images based on text-based prompts, empowering users to design new visual elements, highlight features, or modify image attributes without manual editing. 

For enhanced text quality:

Designed for advertisers, marketers, and communication professionals, facilitates the creation of blog posts, social media content, press releases, website copy, and more. Collaborative document sharing sets apart from ChatGPT.

Google Bard with real-time info

Google Bard emerges as an experimental AI chat service, designed to engage in conversational interactions. Positioned akin to ChatGPT, the distinction lies in the sourcing of information directly from the web. In line with conventional AI chatbots, Bard is proficient in coding, tackling mathematical queries, and providing writing assistance.

Anthropic's rival to ChatGPT 

Claude, developed by two former OpenAI employees, is a generalist platform directly competing with ChatGPT. Claude's processing power and knowledge base differentiate it from ChatGPT. The platform was built using constitutional AI, aiming to generate responses that align with predetermined ethical and social guidelines. However, initial assessments of the beta version have highlighted mixed results, with some instances of biased, false, or objectionable content.

Which one is your favourite? Let us know.

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