Article: Masterclass at TechHRSG: Navigating the Future of HR with Experiential Sessions

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Masterclass at TechHRSG: Navigating the Future of HR with Experiential Sessions

Interested in navigating the complexity of workplace uncertainties through unique experiences? Thrilled to be part of experiential sessions? Read here to know where you can find them.
Masterclass at TechHRSG: Navigating the Future of HR with Experiential Sessions

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving workplace dynamics, HR professionals are increasingly seeking strategies to navigate this complexity effectively. This necessity has given rise to a unique series of experiential masterclasses designed to empower HR leaders and professionals with the tools and insights needed to foster resilience, adaptability, and well-being within their organisations.

Hence, People Matters TechHR Singapore is excited to present the Masterclass Track on July 18, 2024. This unique forum allows HR professionals just like you to participate in intriguing sessions with leaders such as Rajaraman Kannan& Fabian Lim, engage in dynamic discussions, and immerse themselves in harmonic and experiential sessions. This collaborative environment is designed to foster the discovery of innovative solutions within the community.

At People Matters TechHR Singapore, the rich discussions that occur both during and between sessions are highly appreciated by participants. So, seize the opportunity to discover how HR leaders are driving adaptability and resilience, helping businesses succeed in any circumstance.

Human System Dynamics & Systemic Constellation: Navigating Complexity & Enhancing Adaptive Capacity

Hosted by Rajaraman Kannan, Associate Partner of Enterprise Agility at IBM, this masterclass tackles the pressing challenges faced by modern organisations. The session offers participants a deep dive into understanding and managing the complexities that define today’s business environment. 

Participants will learn to apply dynamic systems thinking and systemic constellation techniques to decipher chaotic situations, enhance their adaptive responses, and catalyse meaningful change within their organisations. This masterclass is essential for those looking to ignite a vision of a promising and sustainable future, empowering HR professionals to become catalysts for change by understanding and applying principles of complexity science and organisational patterns.

UKULELE INC.: Strumming into Harmony, Unleashing Musical Joy For Workplace Wellbeing

Do you love music? Play musical instruments in your free time? Even if you don't, this session presents a unique opportunity to merge personal development with musical joy, promoting a healthy, harmonious workplace. This vibrant music enrichment program is more than just learning to play an instrument; it's about exploring personal development, collaboration, and inner strength through the universal language of music. 

Participants will engage in hands-on activities, learning to play the ukulele both solo and as part of an ensemble. The skills developed in this masterclass extend beyond musical proficiency, enhancing team dynamics and personal resilience, making it a perfect tool for improving workplace well-being and employee engagement.

The Power Of SoundWave Communication: A Conscious Exploration

Led by Fabian Lim, Managing Director of Authentic Point, this masterclass invites attendees to explore and optimize their unique communication styles. This session is centred on the innovative concept of SoundWave, which treats each person’s communication style as unique as a fingerprint. 

Through this masterclass, participants will gain insights into their speaking tendencies, learn how these are perceived by others, and understand the impacts on workplace relationships and dynamics. The session will provide strategies to assess and adjust communication styles to prevent misunderstandings and conflict, ultimately enhancing team interactions and fostering a positive organisational culture.

What’s in it for you?

Each of these masterclasses is designed to provide practical, experiential learning opportunities that translate directly into real-world applications. For HR professionals like you, these sessions are not just about personal growth but also about acquiring strategic tools to enhance team dynamics, leadership capabilities, and organisational resilience. Attending these sessions will equip HR leaders with:

Advanced Problem-Solving Skills: Tackle complex problems with innovative solutions.

Enhanced Communication Strategies: Improve how messages are conveyed and received within the team.

Increased Emotional and Social Intelligence: Understand and manage both personal and team emotions in a professional setting.

Strategic Leadership Insights: Drive change and foster an environment of continuous improvement and innovation.

So what are you waiting for? Register now and don't miss out on this unique chance to exchange ideas and gain fresh perspectives in the heart of the HR community. Keep following more content related to #TechHRSG.

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