Article: EX Indonesia: A progressive, thought-provoking conference for changing perspectives

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EX Indonesia: A progressive, thought-provoking conference for changing perspectives

People Matters, the makers of Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference, TechHR, bring forth an employee experience conference like no other with EX Indonesia, where great minds from the most progressive organisations come together to build the new era of work.
EX Indonesia: A progressive, thought-provoking conference for changing perspectives

In the rapidly evolving world of work, each employee is looking for something different, that aligns with his/her core values and where he/she wants to see themselves in the years to come. In Southeast Asia, Indonesia has the largest economy today but the work stressors are aplenty. According to several research reports, employees in the region feel that there is a lot of unnecessary paperwork involved in their day-to-day activities that slows down their efficiency, with many looking for relevant job training to excel at their current positions. There are the usual challenges as well of unreasonable workload that has made it difficult for many employees to strike a work-life balance leading to fatigue, burnout and exhaustion. 

In these changing times, organisations and leaders need to look at employee experience (EX) with a holistic approach if they want to grow and succeed in the market. Going forward, employees are no longer ready to accept a mass experience, where EX lacks creativity and is just an item on the checklist. Hence, it becomes pertinent for every organisation - big or small, to recognise and revisit their architecture of EX. In the end, employees want to work for an organisation that cares for their well-being, understands the need for reskilling, provides them the right opportunities, in an environment where they can be efficient and productive. 

With EX Indonesia, People Matters, the makers of Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference, TechHR, are bringing forth an EX conference that will enable organisations, leaders, CEOs, CHROs and key stakeholders to ace their employee experience, putting them potentially ahead of the evolution curve, while creating an impact on the business growth. One of the biggest initiatives-of-its-kind, the progressive, thought-provoking conference helps you to gear up for the great power shift where great minds come together to build the new era of employee experience. 

As the nerve centre of people and work, each of the themes on the agenda is curated to offer actionable strategies to help leaders and organisations create a framework to potentially strengthen the employee experience. So, join us on November 3 at JW Marriott, Jakarta, where some of the biggest names in Indonesia will share their stories and insights on creating an enriching employee experience like never before. 

This year, the agenda is based on several themes that highlight how to create the workplace of the future. From redrafting employee value propositions to tailoring experiences that matter, the themes are as follows:

Redrafting Employee Value Propositions

There was a time when the traditional reward systems were enough to retain top talent, but that’s not the case anymore. Today, employees care about how your business practices impact the larger community. Hence, it is time to re-identify employee value propositions and redraft workplace policies aimed at an ideal work-life balance and long-term sustainability. Our spectacular line-up of speakers will share the many ways organisations can accomplish this, going forward. 

Taking the leap from EX to 10X

Amid the burnout crisis and the great reshuffle, organisations and leaders have come to realise that employees are the most valuable assets. But how does one become an organisation that retains the best talent? Join us at EX Indonesia to discover how to respond to shifting priorities at the workplace, prepare leaders to adjust to the new power shift and redesign a culture where top talent chooses to work. 

Driving exponential EX with emerging technologies

At a time when mass exodus is the new norm, it is important to understand what will make an employees stay in the organisation. With new technological revolution set to shape the future, leaders are exploring how to integrate NFTs, cryptocurrency and metaverse into the core structure of business to create new rewards and benefits policy and to hire, onboard and train employees, respectively. Learn the power of data and insights to make better decisions as we build the future of work. 

Getting ready for hyper-personalised digital EX

The great power shift is demanding our existing solutions and talent strategies to move away from standardisation to personalisation. But what do you need to make this move to hyper-personalised digital employee experience? What resources do you need to ensure a unique experience for each employee in a multigenerational workforce? How can you prepare managers and leaders for this great power shift to ensure a real impact? Explore these answers and more only at EX Indonesia

Creating workplaces that feel like home

While several surveys have reiterated employees’ preference to work from home, there are some roles and functions that require in-person collaboration. It is essential to rethink cohesive workspaces that are thriving powerhouses of collaboration and creativity. Learn how to create work environments that tick every box on the employee's checklist and makes these vibrant spaces feel like home. 

Tailoring experiences that matter

Each interaction in an employee’s life at an organisation matters. What are organisations doing to ensure that their employees feel valued, connected and included? Are they capturing feedback and implementing it? It is time to discuss what it takes to create a holistic EX roadmap that takes care of each critical moment across the employee value chain to create experiences that matter. 

So, wait no more! Join us on this journey with over 30 unmissable session that helps you design a much more richer and profound employee experience strategies for the new world of work. Expect the unexpected at EX Indonesia, where we prepare you for the great power shift on November 3 at JW Marriott, Jakarta. 

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