Video: Webcast | Skilling leadership for the new world of business


Webcast | Skilling leadership for the new world of business

Due to the disruption caused by this pandemic, leaders must learn to collaborate in a multiverse of networked organizations, working with co-located and non-co-located peers and employees. Leaders must lead for creativity rather than productivity.

In this virtual discussion by People Matters and Disprz, we will look at how we can equip leaders to remain successful in this new world of business. The virtual discussion will address key points like:

  • What does the new business world demand from business leaders
  • What are the traits and competencies that go into making CEOs and business leaders impactful
  • How organizations can develop leadership talent who can translate the organization’s vision into action from a strategic point of view
  • How to devise and invest in learning programs to allow leaders to behave and respond to business changes in better, more impactful ways
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Topics: Leadership, Skilling

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