News: 46% employees would not recommend their profession to their children


46% employees would not recommend their profession to their children

A latest study emphasised that now more than ever, companies must prioritise the wellbeing of their employees, not just for better outcomes in the present, but for their long-term sustainability in the future.
46% employees would not recommend their profession to their children

Nearly 46 per cent of global employees would not recommend their company nor their profession to their children or a young person they care about. In India, 66 per cent employees denied recommending their profession to their children or any young person that they care about. 

The Workforce Institute at UKG surveyed employees and leaders across 10 countries to get a pulse of how they really feel about their jobs. The report titled We Can Fix Work found that while nearly half of employees would not recommend their company to person they care about, a startling 38 per cent “wouldn’t wish my job on my worst enemy.”

“Employees and leaders alike, as has been found in this report, prioritise finding meaning in their work more than making money. We have to realise that with these shifting times, we are navigating towards a generation of workers who don’t necessarily rely on their job for survival: instead their work is more personal to them in terms of adding value to their lives, and fuelling their existing passions,” said Neil J Solomon, vice president, Asia Pacific and Latin America at UKG. 

“For a workforce such as this, we need to develop a workplace culture that nourishes and nurtures the overall development of its employees, takes care of their physical as well as mental wellbeing, appreciates their efforts, and maintains a mutual sense of respect with individuals at different levels of the organisation irrespective of hierarchies. This, right here, is the beginning of the future of work and employee centricity is at the heart of it,” he added. 

Workforce burnout

There has been a recent rise in the anti-work mindset globally, owing to the pandemic as 77 per cent of employees around the world want to spend less time working and more time doing things that matter to them.

Too much overtime affects the employee-employer relationship

If employees tend to work overtime more than twice per week, it strains their relationship with the employer and they’re even less likely to recommend their jobs or their companies to the next generation.

With purpose and trust, 88 per cent of employees look forward to work

Employees in India topped the global charts with a staggering 89% saying that they are committed in their pursuit of greater purpose at work  — most of any country surveyed.

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