News: Mozilla Corporation CEO to resign by the end of the year


Mozilla Corporation CEO to resign by the end of the year

While Mozilla has begun the hunt to find a replacement, Executive chairwoman Mitchell Baker has also volunteered to step into an interim role if required.
Mozilla Corporation CEO to resign by the end of the year

Chris Beard, who joined Mozilla Corporation in 2004 has now decided to move on from the company. He plans to step down from his position of CEO by end of 2019.

Beard became the interim CEO for Mozilla in April 2014, and soon in July same year he coming on as full-time chief executive.

The company has witnessed growth in recent years, after having give away much of its browser market share to Google and Apple. But as the company improvised its security tools and reshashed Firefox, the performance has improved.

Beard said, "Today our products, technology and policy efforts are stronger and more resonant in the market than ever, and we have built significant new organizational capabilities and financial strength to fuel our work."

He feels Mozilla is in a good position to sieze the tremendous opportunity and challenges ahead. With a new privacy-forward product strategy and initiatives like the State of the Internet, they are more ready to face the future and the changing demands of customers.

As Beard decides to move on from his role, Executive chairwoman Mitchell Baker appreciates Beard for putting together a team that has made Mozilla be in a stronger position.

"One of the accomplishments of Chris’ tenure is the strength and depth of Mozilla Corporation today. The team is strong. Our organization is strong, and our future full of opportunities,” shared Baker.

Finding a good replacement for Beard, will be the key priority for leadership at Mozilla to maintain the good market position they are in right now. To ensure all the efforts Beard has put in so far to build a team and a business that thrives doesn't get compromised, Baker might even step in and be the interim CEO if needed.

Mozilla is comittted to making serious contributions to improving online life and developing new technical capabilities that are good for people. But there are many other browsers in the market who present a tough competition. Google Chrome, Safari, UC Browser, Internet Explorer, Opera, Symantec, Citrix Systems, Ericom Software, Cyberinc, and Tucloud Federal, are some of the other browsers out there in the market.

As per Browser & Platform Market Share July 2019, Firefox is in fourth position in the market with a share of 6.5 percent. The market leaders is Chrome with 55.4 percent market share. Others like Safari and Internet explorer are also ahead Firefox with market share of 12.5 percent and 8.6 percent respectively.

How Mozilla improvizes its tool further and beat these companies to gain more market share is to look forward to.

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