News: Amazon Web Services to hire for 500 job roles in Germany


Amazon Web Services to hire for 500 job roles in Germany

It also plans to open a new office in Munich with an aim to showcase what cloud computing can do for businesses in Germany.
Amazon Web Services to hire for 500 job roles in Germany

Amazon Web Services, which grew out of the technology that runs Amazon’s e-commerce platform, is gaining momentum in Germany after addressing concerns about privacy that had led many manufacturing firms to keep their servers on-site.

Now to further grow its business, AWS has decided to create 500 jobs in Germany and open a new office in Munich to showcase what cloud computing can do for potential clients in Europe's largest economy.

AWS is looking to establish a Digital Builders showroom at its Munich office, in partnership with Boston Consulting Group. The new showroom will offer hands-on opportunities to demonstrate applications to prospective clients for AWS. In another collaboration with  Siemens, it is setting up an Industrial Software showcase to illustrate how cloud computing can support manufacturing automation.

The 500 job roles are part of a larger plan, as per which, Amazon looks to create 2,800 jobs in Germany. These jobs will be dispersed across its operations and research units in Germany.

While AWS is banking on Europe's largest economy, the economy itself has been going through a difficult phase. The German economy contracted in 0.1 percent in the second quarter. As expert predict, the third quarter will offer a repeat performance of declining output, the country could officially be in a state of recession.

The US China Trade war along with the controversial Brexit has been causing troubles for Germany. However, the new technologies that promise to redefine business and the world of work, holds many opportunities and act like the light in the dark. While all major sectors from manufacturing to trade suffer,  the innovation and advancements in technologies and services might be game changing for not only businesses but economies. But businesses have to carefully sail through the economic challenges and ensure that speed at which they innovate doesn't get affected by the global economic slowdown.

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