News: 83% HR leaders demand digitisation of HR processes: Study


83% HR leaders demand digitisation of HR processes: Study

NTUC LearningHub's latest study highlights 83% HR leaders demand digitisation of HR processes, but 50% concerned about attached complexities.
83% HR leaders demand digitisation of HR processes: Study

According to NTUC LearningHub's (NTUC LHUB) recent Industry Insights 2021 survey on Human Resources 83% of Human Resource leaders are ready to adopt digitization of the overall HR process. The idea is to come to terms with the dynamic nature of businesses and industries in the coronavirus led era. 

Majority of HR leaders think that companies should welcome digital technologies for improved business growth. Other benefits and uses of digitization reported by the survey include, compensation and associated gains, recruitment procedures, on-boarding and off-boarding, employee performance analysis, work efficiency and productivity, highly yielding business strategies, etc.

Despite the readiness to embrace digitization only 19% of the companies have inculcated digital HR practices. It is evident from the survey insights that almost 50% of HR leaders are concerned about understanding the complexities. As per the survey, following enumerated are a few major concerns reported by HR leaders-

  • lack of skills and complexities associated with the transition
  • budge and investment related issues
  • absence of in-house expertise and skill set over use of digital technologies

In order to fully incorporate and utilize the digital benefits for HR procedures, leaders and companies are planning to accommodate traditional methods along with digitization. Investments in robotic automations, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud based platforms are among a few enlisted arenas where the HR leaders are scheming to channel investments. As per the survey, 98% of leaders advocate the requirement of highly skilled HR professionals embracing the combination of digital and traditional skills.

Talking about the need to transform and adapt with the changing industry needs, Theresa Soikkeli, Chief Human Resources Officer at NTUC Enterprise said, "With the unpredictable business climate, HR must be strategic and develop a workforce that is resilient and agile. This is possible through reskilling and upskilling of the existing workforce towards digitalisation, and hiring the right talent to propel the business".

NTUC LHUB’s Director of Human Capital, Sean Lim, adding to Soikkeli's views mentioned the relevance of an HR's role as a proactive and strategic forefront functionary. An HR, apart from digital skills, should have sociological and behavioral skills to utilize data and technology efficiently.

Supporting Soikkeli and Lim's opinions, Tham Chien Ping, Master Facilitator and Representative, Southeast Asia, at Society for Human Resource Management citied the influence of coronavirus led pandemic in ruling out traditional methods and embracing time efficient and yielding digital technologies to transform Human resource practices. He further mentioned the necessity of having a digital background despite age differences. Moreover, the importance of consulting, counseling, and coaching to render highly efficient roles.

The NTUC LearningHub's (NTUC LHUB) Industry Insights 2021 survey on Human Resources was conducted in August 2021. The participants included 200 HR professionals and leaders.

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