News: Power Talk: 4-step strategy to strengthen your employer brand in talent marketplace

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Power Talk: 4-step strategy to strengthen your employer brand in talent marketplace

Besides being relatively new concept, employer branding has become an important conversation. Katie Birch from, talked about this new-age concept at People Matters TechHR Singapore.
Power Talk: 4-step strategy to strengthen your employer brand in talent marketplace

Employees are a company’s greatest asset - now more than ever this saying has become relevant. As for business leaders, attracting and retaining the best people is crucial for the success of the organisation. For the same, they must ensure that the business is perceived as an attractive place to work. 

If you’re wondering how, Katie Birch, who is Senior Director of Sales at Indeed SEA, has the answer. She took up center stage at People Matters TechHR Singapore and shared a four-step strategy to assist leaders in strengthening their employer brand. 

Workplace flexibility

Today, employees are approaching their jobs with flexible mindsets. Similarly, they expect employers to cultivate a flexible work environment, which means adapting change regarding to how and when work gets done. This also benefits the brands and makes it easy for them to have a more meaningful Employee Value Proposition (EVP). 

“Your Employee Value Proposition is the foundation of your employee experience. It should be designed to highlight what employees want. This includes flexible work hours, work days, sabbaticals, paid time off, caregiving leave, etc,” told Katie Birch. 

Maintain transparency  

With changing times, transparency in the workplace is becoming essential. Every organisation must practice it for better productivity, greater employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and more. The Senior Director of Indeed SEA pointed out six factors that brands should communicate when rebuilding, revisiting, or setting up Employee Value Proposition for transparency:  

  • Meaningful commitment
  • Inclusion and belongingness 
  • Commitment to social responsibility 
  • Prioritising meaningful flexibility 
  • A shared vision of tomorrow 
  • Opportunities for professional and personal growth 

Authentic brand story 

How you market your company to desired job seekers must never be underestimated. Positive employer branding is crucial to attracting and retaining quality employees, which is essential to the success and growth of the business. 

“When it comes to recruitment, the experience of your employees is a huge part of what makes your employer brand. So, Employee Value Proposition partnered with the experience of your employees is your authentic brand story, something that should always be prioritised,” explained Birch.  

Consistent brand message 

The journey of maintaining employer brand in the talent marketplace often starts with someone looking for a job. They're looking for a role that matches their experience or where their skills are transferrable. That’s why your job description should have a consistent and transparent message. 

“Your job description tells part of your story, and if it does a good job, the candidate becomes interested and wants to know more. On the other hand, sometimes job seekers have already researched the companies and determined that XYZ brand is their employer of choice, and then follow that brand to wait for their job to become available. Whichever journey your candidates are on, it's important that the brand message they discover is consistent,” concluded Katie Birch.  

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