News: Singtel consolidates cybersecurity talent under Trustwave


Singtel consolidates cybersecurity talent under Trustwave

Singtel has pooled its cybersecurity capabilities, resources and talent of Singtel, Optus, Trustwave and NCS into a global conglomerate under the Trustwave brand taking the count of the number of employees up to 2,000.
Singtel consolidates cybersecurity talent under Trustwave

Chicago-based Trustwave will have a total of 2,000 cybersecurity employees across the globe with the consolidation of cybersecurity resources of Singapore’s Singtel Group, Australia’s Optus and NCS.

Singtel's cybersecurity capabilities have expanded on a global scale under the Trustwave brand. They’ve been able to hire more employees and amassed more resources in order to bolster customer’s risk management and data protection.

Additional resources and talent

Skill shortage is a major challenge faced by the cybersecurity sector in general. The 2,000 cybersecurity professionals include security testers and people who are experts in delivering, marketing, selling and supporting Trustwave cybersecurity solutions and managing security services. The additional employees will work in tandem with the existing ten Advanced Security Operations Centers that monitor threat, detect and eliminate cyber threat faced by organizations across the world irrespective of the location of the data.

Training and continuing education facilities

Upskilling the existing employees and training potential employees is also a part of this new consolidation. Resources from Trustwave Academy and Cyber Security Institute have been pooled to provide on-site as well as remote training to both employees and customers. They can learn about the latest tools that can be employed to detect threats, protect networks and safeguard data.

“Uniting the security assets and deep expertise of Singtel, Optus, Trustwave and NCS under one brand and single vision--what we call the new Trustwave--is a pivotal milestone for our customers, partners, employees and company,” said Arthur WOng, CEO, Trustwave. “Trustwave is well-positioned to further its role as a recognized leader in cybersecurity and managed security services, areas vital for effective security programs as enterprises accelerate their digital transformation.”

As a result of the consolidation of three major conglomerates, Trustwave has formed a global Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and risk management team that is designed to enable companies to maintain regulatory compliance, manage risk and protect data privacy of the customers.

Asia’s leading communications technology group, Singtel specializes in a wide-range of products including mobile, broadband, TV, infotainment, cloud services, data hosting and cybersecurity capabilities. It has an international presence across Asia, Australia and Africa with about 700 million mobile customers in 21 countries and businesses subscribing for their services across 362 cities.

The consolidation of its cybersecurity arm with Trustwave would not only bring together cybersecurity talent under one umbrella but also expand the capabilities available in order to protect data of more organizations and cater to the US and Europe customers as well.

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