News: AI skills essential for Malaysian workers


AI skills essential for Malaysian workers

AI skills are becoming essential for career advancement and job security in Malaysia, with employers increasingly favouring individuals who possess AI competencies over those who do not.
AI skills essential for Malaysian workers

Imagine being a seasoned professional with years of experience, only to find yourself outpaced by a recent graduate simply because they possess AI skills.

This scenario is becoming increasingly common in Malaysia, where the adoption of artificial intelligence is skyrocketing.

AI adoption is rising

The 2024 Work Trend Index, which surveyed 31,000 knowledge workers from 31 countries, revealed that the frequency of using generative AI has doubled in the past six months. Many Malaysian employees are bringing their own AI tools to work, prompting company leaders to focus on drafting an AI vision for their businesses. As a result, there is a huge demand for people with AI skills. 

LinkedIn data highlights the shift

LinkedIn statistics reveal a 142-fold increase in users adding AI skills like ChatGPT and Copilot to their profiles. Job posts mentioning AI have seen a 17% increase in applications.

Rohit Kalsy, LinkedIn's Head of Sales for Emerging Markets in Southeast Asia, noted that 62% of Malaysian business leaders would not hire someone without AI skills. Additionally, 65% would prefer hiring a less experienced candidate with AI skills over one without.

Daily use of AI

In Malaysia, 84% of knowledge workers are using generative AI to boost productivity and creativity, with 85% starting their day with AI. The report further revealed that 82% of respondents use AI for daily planning, saving about 30 minutes each day. Despite this high usage, only 22% receive AI training tailored to their role.

In summary, Malaysian business leaders are adapting AI at a very fast pace and most of them acknowledge the need for their companies to embrace AI advancements. 

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