News: SG govt. rolls out framework to hire for design roles


SG govt. rolls out framework to hire for design roles

The Skills Framework for Design is intended to be a guide for employers and workers across design and non-design industries to hire for design roles.
SG govt. rolls out framework to hire for design roles

The Skills Framework for design lays down the information for design-related job roles that are meant to be followed by workers and employers both within and without the design sector. 

Creative industries such as architecture and graphic design, those in healthcare and banking can refer to the new Skills Framework for Design as a guide on hiring for design-related roles such as UI/UX (user interface/user experience) designers. 

The Skills Framework encompasses about 25 job roles across various spheres that include: design, business, innovation, and technology. According to the framework, there are about 18 generic and 48 technical skills and competencies that are crucial for a person to be successful in fulfilling a design-related job role. These skills include user experience design, content development, business model innovation, and strategy. 

The new skills framework is a part of the industry transformation map for professional services, designed by the DesignSingapore Council (DSg), SkillsFuture Singapore and Workforce Singapore (WSG) and DSg’s Design Industry Manpower Plan. 

Designers have a role to play in various industries--starting from architecture to city planning and understanding the use of materials to working in the IT sector on designing user-intuitive apps and experiences. 

Over the next three years, more than 5,000 companies in Singapore will be looking for design capabilities. Adoption of the Skills Framework is intended to provide a way for companies that have not been used to including designers in their business to identify areas where design capabilities can help their business goals. 

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