News: Australia to invest $3.5M into India talent


Australia to invest $3.5M into India talent

The Australia government will invest in the business park’s infrastructure to encourage more Indians to choose Australia for higher studies and professional opportunities.
Australia to invest $3.5M into India talent

Australia has been laying out their plans to become a destination for immigrants and tourists since they lifted travel restrictions post-pandemic. Recently, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and the Telangana government joined hands for a “CyberTech Women Entrepreneurs” programme, considered to be beneficial for women entrepreneurs of both nations.

Keeping in line with their planning to stimulate Indian students and professionals, Australia governemnt has announced an AUD 3.5 million grant for the development of the “Little India” business park in Harris Park, Sydney. 

As per the announcement, the funds will be invested to improve the infrastructure of the area and promote it as a tourist destination for Indian students and skilled professionals. According to the plan, a structure of ‘India Gate’ will also be re-created in this area, a historic move to symbolise the essence of Indian culture.

Sanjay Deshwal, President, Little India Harris Park Business Association Inc., said, “It took many years to realise the dream of Little India and we are proud and humbled to see such strong support from Australia for the Indian community here. The Australian government has assured us of their commitment towards making migration for Indians smoother and ensuring a good life in Australia as they realise the great potential of young Indians settling in Australia. Australia extends a great opportunity and scope to flourish for Indian students and skilled personnel”.

He also added that the funds granted by the Australian government for the development of Little India would be instrumental in uplifting the infrastructure, security and promotion. 

The latest move comes at a time when the Indian diaspora is making a lot of waves in almost every part of the world. A slew of executive leaders of Indian origin were appointed as CEOs of some of the top tech companies. Recently, the U.K. saw the appointment of their first Prime Minister of Indian ethnicity.  

Dr. Andrew Charlton, Parramatta Federal MP (Canberra), Federal Chair of Parliamentary Friends of India Group) said, “ We envision seeing ‘Little India’flourishing as a successful tourist destination for another few years when we are retired and come back to visit. We are committed to building an incredibly strong relationship between Australia and India. The Indian students and other migrants from India are a gift to Australia.”


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