News: Why are Singaporean techies rejecting job offers?


Why are Singaporean techies rejecting job offers?

The gap between the advertised job & actual job scope leave tech candidates clueless. The in-demand skilled information and communications technology (ICT) professionals are rejecting offers because of lack of role clarity.
Why are Singaporean techies rejecting job offers?

Tech workers are rejecting offers because the interviewer did not have an adequate understanding of the job or role that they were hiring for. A recent survey by Randstad reveals that Singaporean tech workers are rejecting job offers due to a fundamental disconnect between hiring managers and tech candidates. 

41 per cent said that they rejected job offers during the interview process because they did not have a positive impression of the hiring manager. Meanwhile, 39 per cent of respondents rejected offers because the interviewer was unable to give role clarity. 

Daljit Sall, Senior Director of the Information Technology recruitment team at Randstad Singapore said , ”Having a meaningful human touch can help employers stand out, especially when they are trying to engage and attract a top candidate. The interview process is a crucial time for candidates to understand if their personalities, interests and skills are a good fit for the company and the job opportunity at hand. It is also the best time for hiring managers to share some first-hand information about the business to make the candidates feel valued.” 

What are tech candidates looking for?

96 per cent of respondents want to switch their specialisation if given the choice. One in five ICT respondents (21 per cent) picked “cybersecurity” as their top choice if they were given a choice to restart their career, whereas another 21 per cent of respondents picked “data science/analytics”, both being well-established, evergreen verticals that are increasing their headcount. 

Furthermore, 43 per cent of Generation-Z IT professionals want to work at unicorn startups. Sall explained that younger tech candidates are likely more keen to work at unicorns because of the perceived benefits such as working with peers of a similar age, or the opportunity to be at the forefront of exciting consumer tech. On the other hand, more experienced tech professionals may want to work on bigger projects and be able to manage a team, and they are more likely to find these opportunities in global tech enterprises.

Talent leaders and recruiters need to invest in understanding the career motivations of different generations to be able to customise the job opportunities and hiring strategies and ensure a more personalised candidate experience.

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