News: Paytech company Worldline to hire over 5,000 employees globally, in coming months


Paytech company Worldline to hire over 5,000 employees globally, in coming months

Over the past decade, Worldline has been focusing on building an open and diverse culture to empower its team to grow and thrive both professionally and personally.
Paytech company Worldline to hire over 5,000 employees globally, in coming months

Paytech company Worldline is going to hire more than 5,000 employees globally to continue its consolidation strategy, accelerate its technology transformation and provide its clients with the best payment offering around the globe.

The company will hire complete the hiring drive within the coming months. The group is recruiting for both junior roles as well as for experienced senior placements. The new recruitments will be primarily tech operators, developers, engineers, application managers, architects, products managers, products owners and data analysts.

Worldline recently presented its new strategic plan, detailing its ambition of being the premium global Paytech company at the heart of the European payment ecosystem. The two key axes of the plan are to accelerate the company’s geographical expansion as well as its investment in technology. 

Commenting on the recruitment drive, Olivier Burger, Group Head of HR, Worldline said, “Our people are the heart and soul of our company, and our aim is to establish Worldline as the employer of choice in the payment industry. As one of the world’s largest payment companies, we can offer an incredibly wide array of exciting projects and challenges. With comprehensive training and development programs, flexible hours and remote working opportunities, we truly empower all Worldliners to develop and grow their careers while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Furthermore, the fact that our technology impacts millions of people and businesses around the world every day, coupled with our genuine commitment to contribute to our customers’ growth, to bring trust and accompany societal change is something that is highly appreciated by our people today.”

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