News: HR tech platform HiBob to partner with learning software 360Learning

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HR tech platform HiBob to partner with learning software 360Learning

This partnership allows the automatic sharing of employee user data from Bob to 360Learning.
HR tech platform HiBob to partner with learning software 360Learning

HR Tech and people management platform HiBob announced a partnership with collaborative learning SaaS leader 360Learning to help companies gain a competitive edge in recruiting, upskilling their workforces, and creating a thriving company culture for learning and development.

Through the integration, HiBob and 360Learning clients can implement a high-impact workflow enhancement tool derived from a direct connection between the two platforms, helping HR and L&D leaders and high-growth companies to better onboard, retain, train, and empower employees.

The partnership brings an employee's HR and learning and development journeys closer together, enabling customers of both HiBob and 360Learning to more effectively track and manage employee L&D progress in relation to performance, compensation, and benefits. 

Commenting on the partnership, Ronni Zehavi, CEO of HiBob said, “With the current skills gap, talent wars, and broadening of remote and hybrid work, companies are recognizing the importance of maintaining employee engagement by supporting an employee's professional development. A HiBob study saw that 87% of millennials rated 'career development and personal growth as a key criterion for them in a job, with 'opportunities to learn and grow' as the main factor for retention so, in the battle for talent, companies will lose out if these perks aren't offered. This turnkey integration helps HR and managers further facilitate, recognize, and reward learning progression regardless of if an employee is in office, remote, or hybrid."

According to the official statement, people leaders can track, report, and measure the impact of collaborative learning by seeing who is creating courses for other colleagues, who are participating, who is learning and cultivating new skills, and at what levels or pace. Bringing learning and development insights closer to the employees' records (performance reviews, compensation, etc.) provides managers and leaders with a more insightful outlook on their people. Additionally, it allows business leaders and managers access to where an employee may be struggling or need improvement, or alternatively, where they are progressing or excelling.

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