News: Amazon workers in Europe to go on strike on Prime Day

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Amazon workers in Europe to go on strike on Prime Day

The Amazon staff in European countries like Spain and Germany would be striking over salaries and benefits.
Amazon workers in Europe to go on strike on Prime Day

As per reports, thousands of staff at Amazon warehouses in Germany will walk out to demand better conditions today and join other workers protesting in Spain and Poland. This protest would be coinciding with the Prime Day, one of the most crucial events for the U.S based online shopping brand. 

While the CCOO and CGT workers' unions in Spain claimed that nearly 80 percent of the workers walked off their positions at Amazon's packing and distribution center located in the outskirts of Madrid, Amazon said that these figures were not accurate because "the majority of the employees had worked and processed clients' petitions."

Amazon has further stated that the salaries for its more than 2,000 employees in Spain with permanent jobs were competitive and accompanied by benefits.

On one hand, Germany's Verdi services union said the company was getting rich by ‘saving money on the health of its workers,’ and on the other hand Amazon shared that its workers were paid fairly, with permanent staff earning €12.22 (£10.81) an hour or more after two years.

Amazon’s Prime Day launched in 2015 witnessed its second-biggest shopping day in 2017 and was only topped by Cyber Monday.

While there are reports doing round about these workers strike coinciding with the Prime Day, Amazon is optimistic about the situation. The company believes that the strike won’t affect the services and deliveries. In fact, it expected only a fraction of its 12,000 workers in Germany across its six sites to join the strike. 

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