News: Worldwide ERC appoints Lynn Shotwell CEO


Worldwide ERC appoints Lynn Shotwell CEO

Shotwell, a long-time mobility specialist with a strong background in law and government relations, will head the global industry association from March 30.
Worldwide ERC appoints Lynn Shotwell CEO

Worldwide ERC, the global industry association for relocation service providers, announced on Wednesday that it has appointed Lynn Shotwell as its new president and CEO with effect March 30. She takes over from Peggy Smith, who stepped down at the end of 2019.

Shotwell has decades of experience at the intersection of migration, economics and human capital, specializing heavily in cross-border movement and its legal aspect. She previously headed global outreach and operations for the Society for Human Resource Management. Prior to that, she was executive director for the Council for Global Immigration up until its merger with SHRM. Her portfolio also includes almost 8 years as legal counsel and director of government relations for the American Council on International Personnel, and a stint as an attorney practicing immigration, telemedicine, and government relations with Arent Fox.

“I step into this role with a singular focus: to ensure our members have the resources they need to support the communities they serve,” Shotwell said of her appointment. “Now is the time for us all to pull together and confront this global challenge. Ours is an industry with a long history of supporting people in the workplace — no matter where they are or where they work.”

Ed Hannibal, chairman of the Worldwide ERC board, said: “Talent, mobility and duty of care strategies are more important now than ever. We look forward to working closely with Lynn to continue supporting our members and partners with the tools and knowledge needed for success.”

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