News: Grace Blue APAC partners with Cavalry to help build a contingent workforce


Grace Blue APAC partners with Cavalry to help build a contingent workforce

Executive search company and a freelance recruitment platform join forces to tackle the demand for a contingent workforce in the APAC region.
Grace Blue APAC partners with Cavalry to help build a contingent workforce

Grace Blue APAC, an executive search company, has partnered with Cavalry Freelancing, in order to help organizations hire effective contingent workforce and skilled contractors who would be ready to take up mid and senior level marketing roles.

About one in four CXOs in the region have said that a contingent workforce makes up about 30 percent of their total workforce. This percentage is expected to rise as well.

Hiring the right freelance resource is crucial in this day and age of the gig economy. The key lies in getting high-quality and skilled professionals who are reliable and available--at the right price!

Australia-based freelance recruitment platform will be expanding to Singapore and Greater China with this partnership with Grace Blue.

“The ad industry is evolving like never before and businesses in this sector are looking at new ways to differentiate and keep up with a rapidly changing and expanding technology and media landscape,” said Dave Bentley, CEO, and Founder of Cavalry.

Grace Blue is now venturing into providing organizations access to skilled leaders who are instrumental in building flexible teams.

“We already know that the success of projects has a direct correlation to strong leadership and team structure,” said Jean-Michel Wu, CEO APAC of Grace Blue. “Once senior roles are in place, a common language for our clients has been how to build flexible teams where talent complements each other and integrates seamlessly.”

As the market for an efficient and highly skilled contingent workforce continues to expand, especially in the APAC region, companies such as Grace Blue and freelance recruitment platforms such as Cavalry are looking for symbiotic partnerships that would help them penetrate this new emerging market.

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