News: BC Group appoints Microsoft veteran as new CTO


BC Group appoints Microsoft veteran as new CTO

Serial entrepreneur and former Microsoft engineer Antoine Cote, who joined the fintech company in August, will now step up as Chief Technology Officer.
BC Group appoints Microsoft veteran as new CTO

Digital asset and fintech company BC Technology Group today announced the appointment of Antoine Cote as Chief Technology Officer. Cote, a serial technology entrepreneur, was the co-founder and CEO of blockchain engineering firm Enuma Technologies since 2015. He joined BC Group in August this year, along with most of his team, when the company acquired Enuma's core intellectual property assets.

In his new position, Cote will be responsible for BC Group’s technology development strategy. He will oversee all technical R&D, testing, quality, operations, support and internal IT teams for all of the company's digital asset product lines—a heftier role than normal given that fintech is an emerging field in the highly regulated financial services sector.

“With Antoine’s appointment as CTO, we are entering a new phase of growth for the Group,” said BC Group CEO Hugh Madden. “Highly skilled at bridging commercial and technical aspects of digital asset product development, he has already made a positive impact on the company since joining in August.”

Besides founding Enuma, Cote had co-founded digital asset firm Bridgepoint, which was also acquired by BC Group, and digital identity firm Trusted Key, which was subsequently acquired by Workday. He was also on the founding team of engineering consultancy GotoLogic. Before striking out as an entrepreneur, he spent almost 12 years at Microsoft, where he founded the Microsoft China R&D Center in Shanghai.

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