Article: How did HRs manage to swim through the ocean of new functions?

Workforce Management System

How did HRs manage to swim through the ocean of new functions?

The functions of the HRs have evolved with the onset of the pandemic. From being the workforce management team to nursing the workforce with the emergency services during lockdowns, HR professionals have travelled a long way in just two years.
How did HRs manage to swim through the ocean of new functions?

On the occasion of International HR Day, People Matters spoke with Rowan Tonkin for an episode of People Matters Podcast, to discuss how the leaders are looking at this transformation. Rowan is the Senior Director of HR Transformation JAPAC at Oracle. 

Rowan said, “I have been in the human resources profession for 30 years and I've seen more change in the last five years than I've seen in my whole time in this profession.” He added that the key challenge for the HRs is to retain talent. Yet another significant role of the HRs is to ensure wellbeing of the workforce. 

He further added, “I have seen much rise in discussion on mental health issues of the employees. According to a study, nearly 90% of employees said that they really struggled with things like mental health and wellness emerging through all these transitions and change that I've had got exposure to.”

To survive the competitive market, what the HRs are looking at is the holistic wellbeing of the employees and retaining the talent desired. 

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