News: Cornerstone launches new AI-powered Opportunity Marketplace

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Cornerstone launches new AI-powered Opportunity Marketplace

The new tool provides organisations with a way to boost the efficiency of their internal mobility, skills matching, and other workforce management essentials.
Cornerstone launches new AI-powered Opportunity Marketplace

Learning and tech experience giant Cornerstone OnDemand has launched a new Opportunity Marketplace within its Talent Experience platform, aimed at helping organisations boost internal mobility and career growth by more effectively matching employees to a variety of internal opportunities - including not just job openings but projects, gigs, learning paths, mentorships and open roles.

Opportunity Marketplace is powered by the existing technological infrastructure of Talent Experience, meaning that it leverages sophisticated AI to unify skills, people and job role data across multiple aspects of talent management, including recruiting, learning, and performance. Described as a consumer-grade tool - user-friendly, empowering employees to manage their own contributions and aspirations - Opportunity Marketplace is meant to improve employee access and exposure to internal opportunities for career growth, including relevant coaching, mentoring and learning opportunities.

The suggestions function in Opportunity Marketplace shows not only vacancies, but projects that employees can take up and mentorships they can request.

The suggestions function in Opportunity Marketplace shows not only vacancies, but projects that employees can take up and mentorships they can request.

This also addresses several existing gaps in many organisation's internal mobility arrangements. In Cornerstone’s 2023 research on talent mobility trends, for example, 73% of employees said they want to know about career opportunities inside their organisation, and 47% said they would be more satisfied if they had more opportunities to explore careers internally.

On employers' end, Opportunity Marketplace provides greater visibility into workforce skills, experiences, and preferences, so that businesses can more efficiently match employees to open roles and projects, or upskill where needed.

Commenting on the new tool, Cornerstone CEO Himanshu Palsule said: "The rapidly evolving talent landscape shows no signs of slowing. Career paths are changing, employees are craving flexibility and organisations – like people – are looking around every corner for opportunities to grow and surpass their potential. For businesses to truly thrive today, it’s imperative they seek out new strategies and emerging technologies that will foster an agile and adaptable workplace."

Reviews from early adopters match that optimism. Meredith Wellard, Vice President of Group Learning Talent and Platforms at Deutsche Post DHL, and an early adopter of Opportunity Marketplace, said “Opportunity Marketplace is an AI-based tool that has really changed the way we look at the future world for us. At the click of a button, we can identify the next best career move for any given role inside our organisation, and what skills they have that may be transferable to other parts of the business or that they would like to develop further to be a stronger candidate for another division or another country. It opens the door for endless possibilities for our people and our business."

Cornerstone Opportunity Marketplace offers customers:

  • A Fully Connected Learning Ecosystem: Seamlessly integrated with Cornerstone’s EdCast Learning Experience Platform (LXP), the combination of both offerings allows organisations to provide their employees with transformative end-to-end learning opportunities that fuel their unique development and career journeys.
  • Unified User Experience: Employees experience a single, seamless and holistic experience where they not only interact with their learning content, but also have visibility into their career growth opportunities. Accessible within the EdCast by Cornerstone LXP, Opportunity Marketplace is easy to find and tailored for every user.
  • AI-Powered Talent Intelligence: Because Opportunity Marketplace is built on Cornerstone’s Talent Experience Platform, it is powered by an intelligent tech fabric that leverages sophisticated AI technology. Opportunity Marketplace collects and analyses people, skill and job role data across the organisation to help HR leaders manage their talent pools, visualise skills, close skills gaps, map skills to performance, match supply and demand and elevate learning content curation and management. For employees, Opportunity Marketplace leverages AI to provide transparent personalised career opportunities and recommend paths for growth and success, including new learning content and potential mentors within the organisation.
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