Article: Why companies must invest in Tech-backed Employee Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs

Why companies must invest in Tech-backed Employee Wellness Programs

A Glassdoor report estimated that by 2018, 13 million wearable fitness and activity-tracking devices will be used in workplace wellness programs.
Why companies must invest in Tech-backed Employee Wellness Programs

Technology can pack a punch in your wellness initiatives. The benefits can certainly not be overlooked which also explains its ever-expanding role in healthcare.

In fact, a Glassdoor report estimated that many companies are joining the bandwagon of wearable technology. By the end of 2018, it is expected that 13 million wearable fitness and activity-tracking devices will be used in workplace wellness programs.

Apparently, employers are partnering with health insurance companies to provide access to wellness devices and design programs that are less expensive yet at the same time are effective in managing employee’s health.

So let me now get around to answering why there’s such a growing interest in the cusp of technology and health? What’s so important and why is it becoming popular.  

Provides actionable data points

As an employer, you get your hands on insights that tell you what’s working and where you need to tighten the bolts. There’s no guesswork whatsoever. You can analyse the numbers and share the data with medical health providers and insurance companies to track health trends and come up with better programs that can reduce healthcare expenses.

Employees too can monitor their fitness goals. Daily alerts can notify how far they are from their goals and motivate them to hit the mark. Now, while these goals may be attached to rewards or external motivators but with time when this activity becomes a habit they will become intrinsically motivated to continue chasing their health goals. They won’t worry about the carrots or incentives anymore.

Creates a culture focused on good health

But creating a culture of health requires a great deal of involvement from the leadership. When employees see the senior management take care of their health and make time to exercise, they won’t feel the unnecessary “guilt” in worrying about their health. After all, before everything comes a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

Enough enthusiasm at work around the importance of living a healthy life is crucial. Apart from building the buzz or talking about fitness goals and habits on the intranet or sending informational emails, the focus should be on the physical environment as well. There should be ample natural light, indoor plants, ergonomic office seating etc.

Better chronic disease management

Employees with chronic health conditions come with an additional cost because their treatment is expensive. But with technology now in picture, you can prompt them to improve their health which in turn will enhance quality of their life. They can monitor their physical activity, inactivity, and set personal goals related to food and exercise. Eventually, these combined efforts will offset the healthcare cost, increase productivity and decrease their absenteeism from work.

A win-win, you’d agree.

Avoid avoidable health claims

Let’s never forget the ‘at-risk’ employees. These are the ones who are seemingly healthy but are at a greater risk of suffering from various factors like weight issues, diabetes, hypertension, stress and anxiety.

Once you introduce tech-backed health initiatives you can easily get these ‘avoidable’ healthcare expenses off your back. Moreover, you can minimize and perhaps completely eliminate their chances of becoming chronically ill patients.

Wrapping up

A healthy workplace is a productive one. Not only will you be able to retain employees but also attract new talent.

Any guesses why? It’s because you create a solid employer brand when you showcase to the world that your employees’ health is important for you. Upon seeing you champion it so well, there’s no way your prospective employees would ever want to pass up the opportunity of working at your organisation.

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