Article: Wise beyond their years? 5 career lessons from children


Wise beyond their years? 5 career lessons from children

Children sometimes have an understanding of life that even adults can't fathom. Here are five lessons from children that can be applied in our life at work.
Wise beyond their years? 5 career lessons from children

As adults, we all want to reach similar career milestones – a fulfilling job, an income that meets our needs, and the ability to enjoy growth opportunities. But what about our simple joys in life? The kind that doesn’t escape the inquisitive eyes of innocent children. Surely, children can teach us a thing or two about what matters most in life.

In this article, we explore five key lessons that children offer us about achieving our career aspirations. 

What children can teach us about career success

When it comes to career success, we can learn a lot from children. They may not have years of experience or an extensive education just yet, but they have certain essential qualities that help them enjoy life as they grow.

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1. Don’t be afraid to try new things: Children are natural explorers and are often open to trying new things. This willingness to step out of their comfort zone and take risks can lead to new opportunities and experiences – both in their personal lives and careers.

2. Persevere through challenges: Children don’t give up easily, even when faced with challenging tasks. They know that if they keep trying, they’ll eventually figure it out or find a way to succeed. Tenacity and determination are important qualities for anyone who wants to get ahead in life.

3. Be adaptable and flexible: As children grow, they adapt to new surroundings and situations. They are often unafraid of change; but rather, they see it as another one of their many adventures. 

4. Show enthusiasm and passion: Children are known for being enthusiastic and passionate about the things they love – whether it’s a new toy, game, or activity. When it comes to our careers, showing enthusiasm and passion for what we do can make a big difference.

What do young people know about success that we don't? Let's explore five essential lessons children can teach us when it comes to reaching our professional goals.

Lesson 1: Think big, start small

To be successful in your career, it is important to think big and start small. This means that you should have a clear vision of your future but take small steps each day to achieve your goals.

It is also important to surround yourself with positive people who will support your career goals. These people can provide encouragement and advice when needed. Additionally, it is important to stay focused on your goals and persist through setbacks.

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Lesson 2: Believe in yourself and your ability to learn new things

One of the most important things children can teach us about career success is to believe in ourselves and our ability to learn new things. When we set our minds to something, we can achieve it – no matter how challenging it may seem at first.

This lesson is especially important for those of us who are in their mid-career or facing a major change. It can be easy to doubt ourselves when we’re starting something new, but if we believe in ourselves, we can overcome any obstacle.

So, the next time you’re feeling doubtful about your career prospects, remember to believe in yourself!

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Lesson 3: Fail often to succeed faster

By failing frequently, we learn from our mistakes and become better able to succeed in the future. Children know this instinctively; they are not afraid to fail because they understand that it is a necessary part of learning and growing. As adults, we would do well to remember this lesson and embrace failure as a stepping stone to success.

Lesson 4: Be open to collaboration and teamwork

Most people would agree: collaboration and teamwork are essential to success. Yet, as we get older, we often forget the importance of these skills. We become more focused on individual goals and ambitions and become resistant to working with others.

Children, however, are natural collaborators. They understand the value of working together towards a common goal. And they have fun doing it!

When we embrace collaboration and teamwork, we can achieve so much more than we could ever accomplish on our own. We can pool our resources and talent and support and encourage each other. 

In addition to this, working together towards a common goal is also a great way to build relationships and create lasting bonds.

Lesson 5: Enjoy the journey

Building a career will often take you down a long and winding road. And, even when you think you've found your dream job, it's not always smooth sailing from there. So, how can we stay motivated and enjoy the journey, even when things get tough?

Children are naturally curious, enthusiastic, and unafraid to take risks. They also understand that the journey is as important as the destination.

These five essential lessons we can learn from children can help us become more efficient and successful at work. But while we’re at it, let’s also remember that it’s about having fun both inside and outside the workplace.


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