Article: How to create the right first impression using onboarding tools

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How to create the right first impression using onboarding tools

Good onboarding are characterized by modern technology and help transition employees into a new role in an easy manner
How to create the right first impression using onboarding tools

It doesn’t matter if it is a ‘new hire’ or an existing employee changing roles in an organization, transitioning from current state to present state can be devastating if HR teams do not have the right onboarding tools to help employees make the move smoothly.

First impressions do matter. Creating a customized on-boarding environment, based on the employee’s behavior preferences and skill assessment lets them know they are a priority, they are supported—which leads to job satisfaction and team loyalty from the start of their new journey.

Facilitation of a personalized onboarding approach is a transformative imperative HR needs to deploy to ensure both the person transitioning and the receiving team actively participate in this ‘joint-engagement’ for it to be deemed effective and successful.

Innovative onboard processes for employees accelerate productivity

Getting an employee acclimated within the larger organization does not have to be haphazard, lacking any obvious order or plan. Hoping somehow, ‘by luck’ new hires will get what they need to be productive contributors. Modern onboarding transition tools go beyond ‘first day welcome to the company/team’ orientation, to offer a more meaningful, broader, and longer-term process that makes the newcomer more prepared and informed. For onboarding success, it is critical that HR and business leaders leverage purposely built onboarding technology designed to help new employees avoid ‘the rude awakening of transitioning’ into a new role with capabilities such as: interactive activities and status notifications, straight-forward workflows with personalized resources and tools.

Modern onboarding and transition tools can help attract and retain Millennials

Per a recent corporate learning report, of all the benefits that employers offer, Millennials value training and development benefits above all. Millennials are a high-touch generation and require high-end technology to get them engaged. To keep them on board, and to help promote the company brand, companies need to make sure Millennials receive a complete and thorough onboarding program. A program consisting of integrated onboarding processes and mobile technology, that not only automates forms, tasks, notifications, and provide access to pertinent documentation; but can also orchestrate onboarding activities intuitively to help build immediate socialization, collaboration, and productivity—to enable a tighter cultural bond within an organization, shorten the path to job success, and lead to a higher employee retention.

Here are a few ways modern onboarding technology can take your onboarding/cross-boarding/off-boarding processes to the next level:

1.    Enhance the employee onboarding experience by building employee productivity momentum to improve higher people retention.

2.    Offer intuitive onboarding processes to help build immediate engagement and collaboration to lead to job success.

3.    Provide integrated workflows to guide employees through a highly-productive experience, aligned to their new business goals and objectives.

4.    Leverage streamlined automated onboarding processes and default templates that can be customized to reduce the time and effort involved for administrators and new hires.

5.    Configure welcome messages to include videos, embedded URLs, and other pertinent content based on the resource type.

6.    Review relevant and informative content view instructions, policies, and documentation before their first day on the job.

7.    Allow HR teams to manage the employees’ employment lifecycle from preboarding to onboarding, crossboarding, and off-boarding as they move through their career.

Understanding and executing the correct contextual onboarding technology is necessary for embedding technology into the onboarding process to help create a streamlined process. In the age of increasing competitiveness, a technologically driven onboarding process is a critical step in ensuring that talented candidates can be productive and have an impact business performance. Successful employers–particularly in mid-market and large/enterprise market organizations–leverage both onboarding orchestration and collaborative options to improve the new hire experience and retention, lower costs, ensure compliance, and streamline the process for all stakeholders.


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