Article: TechHR Highlights: The moments you missed

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TechHR Highlights: The moments you missed

What you missed last year at Asia's largest conference on People and Work, in a nutshell.
TechHR Highlights: The moments you missed

The clock ticks!

As we move near and near to July, the anticipation for the largest event on People and Work builds up to the brim. With a stellar lineup of thought leaders and industry pioneers, People Matters TechHR Singapore promises a transformative experience that blends inspiration with actionable insights. 

Capitalising on the excitement and thrill for the HR leaders and professionals like you, are some of the highlights you missed last year, from TechHR Singapore and India. These shining moments, presented to you in video form, highlight the quotes and wisecracks of some of the esteemed personalities shared on the very stage you may find yourself on coming 18th July 2024

Dave Ulrich on HR creating value in the talent marketplace 


'HR must succeed in the talent marketplace or else there won't be a workplace.'

Sampark Foundation’s Founder & Chairman Vineet Nayar on Individuals and their Purpose


                            'Give employees a clear purpose and they shall climb Mount Everest for you!'   

HTX’s Carmen Wee on Growth of HR Professionals


'We as HR professionals need to grow with the employees we help along. '

OCBC Bank’s Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan on benefits of AI in HR communications


                          'AI of today, in multiple forms, can amplify deeper engagement and empathy in HR.'

Bollywood Singer Papon on finding belief in the work process 


                                      'Just keep on believing in doing what you do!' 

Shashi Tharoor on Thoughts and Passion


                'There may be prudence in finding a fantasy way to make your work simpler and more efficient!'

As Shashi Tharoor's musing wraps up the preview, remember that People Matters TechHR Singapore isn't just another conference—it's a cornerstone for revolutionary growth in the realms of People and Work. 

So what are you waiting for? Book your seats now and gear up for Asia's largest People and Work Conference, set to electrify Singapore only at Marina Bay Sands, on July 18th 2024.

Don’t miss out on this essential gathering, where you can connect, learn, and empower your team to forge ahead. Mark your calendar and be part of the future of HR at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2024! Stay tuned with #TechHRSG to follow more conference-related content.

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