Article: No drama: What Singapore jobseekers want


No drama: What Singapore jobseekers want

Singapore jobseekers have no time for digital drama when it comes to finding the perfect employer.
No drama: What Singapore jobseekers want

In this digital age, job hunting has evolved into a high-tech adventure, and Singaporean jobseekers are demanding nothing short of a digital delight from their potential employers.

A recent report from Cisco AppDynamics revealed the growing trend of seamless digital recruitment processes that are capturing the attention of eager job hunters.

According to the study, almost a third of jobseekers in the Lion City (29%) are now exploring new job opportunities by diving into applications and digital services multiple times a week.

Gone are the days of flipping through dusty newspapers or pounding the pavement; the new era of job search is all about swiping, clicking, and scrolling.

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Jobseekers in Singapore rely on a whopping 5.6 digital services, on average, during their job hunt. They're also making a beeline for popular job sites (76%), social media (56%) and company websites (55%) – hotspots for uncovering employment possibilities.

Here's the juicy part: if a company's digital services fail to impress during the application process, beware! A whopping seven in 10 jobseekers are more likely to give them the cold shoulder. Talk about a digital deal-breaker!

It's not all doom and gloom for employers, though! If you can provide a digital experience that dazzles from start to finish, you're in luck.

A generous 45% of applicants prefer companies that deliver a seamless and exceptional digital journey throughout the recruitment process. So, ditch the glitches, smooth out those bumps, and watch those jobseekers flock to your virtual doorstep.

In this cutthroat job market, it's all about standing out from the crowd. Employers who embrace efficient and reliable digital recruitment processes will emerge victorious, capturing the hearts (and resumés) of jobseekers in Singapore.

Dust off your keyboards, tighten those internet connections, and get ready to win the hearts of the digital-savvy job hunters of Singapore!

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