News: Singaporeans use more than five digital services in job hunt


Singaporeans use more than five digital services in job hunt

Singaporeans prioritise fast and seamless experience when using job applications and digital services, reveals a new survey by Cisco AppDynamics
Singaporeans use more than five digital services in job hunt

Singaporeans use an average of 5.6 digital services when looking for a job or applying for a new one, with job sites (76 per cent) the most popular choice, followed by social media (56 per cent) and company websites (55 per cent), according to new research by Cisco AppDynamics, which reveals the significance of digital experiences in the job-seeking process.

The research also indicates the rising expectations for digital experiences over the past few years as people increasingly rely on the convenience and flexibility that applications can provide in almost every aspect of their lives.

In a highly competitive labour market, any glitch or delay when using applications or digital services can result in many job seekers walking away. As per the survey, 99 per cent of Singapore respondents emphasise the importance of fast and seamless experiences without any disruptions or delays when searching for and applying for jobs.

If an employer offers a seamless digital experience, 45 per cent of Singaporeans would be more likely to choose that employer. Astonishingly, 73 per cent of respondents would be put off working for a company if their digital services failed to perform when applying for a job.

Furthermore, 62 per cent of Singaporeans may search for new jobs within a year, and 68 per cent plan to assess a prospective employer in the same timeframe.

Singaporeans are more likely than their APAC peers to use apps and digital tools frequently to explore job opportunities, with 29 per cent doing so several times a week.

For 86 per cent of Singapore respondents, a seamless and impressive digital experience is a key factor in choosing an employer during the recruitment process.

If job search platforms and apps don't perform well, 79 per cent of Singaporeans would feel anxious or angry, according to the report.

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