Article: People in APAC aspire for work-life balance: Survey

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People in APAC aspire for work-life balance: Survey

A survey of 11,000 people revealed that the top five aspirations include work-life balance, using learned skills in work and getting the chance to develop a new skill.
People in APAC aspire for work-life balance: Survey

When LinkedIn surveyed employees from across countries including APAC about their job aspiration, Singaporeans cited desire for work-life balance.

Almost half of the respondents in the APAC region consider striking a work-life balance as the ultimate definition of success --especially those in developed economies such as Singapore and Malaysia, according to LinkedIn Opportunity Index.

A survey of 11,000 employees from nine nations including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore showed how people from developing markets have a more positive mindset towards their future work and life rather than those in developed economies.

Developing vs. developed economies

Developing economies such as Indonesia and India are the most confident about gaining access to career opportunities and being able to pursue their dreams as compared to developed countries such as Japan and Hong Kong who were the least confident.

Apart from aspiring for a good work-life balance, people in APAC region also valued the chance to use their skills meaningfully (about 36 percent) and about 30 percent said they want to learn a new skill. About 25 percent of the people surveyed were looking to start their own business while 23 percent wanted to learn new technologies.

As far as Singapore is concerned, about 48 percent of the respondents from the island-country yearn for work-life balance, followed by Australia at 46 percent and Malaysia and the Philippines tied at 44 percent.

However, the definition of work-life balance was open for interpretation. It could mean a desire for more flexible jobs, freelancing, working from home or having the chance to balance between home life and work.

Millennial influence

Millennials’ impact on the developed economies is being felt through this survey, according to the survey. This generation is increasingly looking for a balanced life wherein they get to spend time on both personal development, home, and work. In the next five years, it is more likely that the aspirations of the workforce as a whole might lean towards striking a meaningful balance between work and personal life given that almost 80 percent of the workforce would be comprised of millennials.

The road to success is paved with hard work for 90 percent of the respondents while 85 percent say that good connections play a huge role in climbing up the career ladder.

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