Article: What makes digital learning a need of the hour?

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What makes digital learning a need of the hour?

In order to overcome the challenges faced by educational institutions, online teaching tools are now being implemented across different levels of education among many schools and universities in the world.
What makes digital learning a need of the hour?

E-learning and ed-tech startups are becoming a rage as more and more people are developing interest in new forms of education involving innovation. This change is productive, crucial and able to break the geological boundaries for gaining quality education.

The rising number of COVID-positive cases has made it very clear that without social distancing, it will be very difficult to control the spread of this deadly virus. So, in order to overcome the challenges faced by educational institutions, online teaching tools are now being implemented across different levels of education among many schools and universities in the world.

What is virtual learning?

Digitization of education is viewed as a need of the hour in India, where not many institutions are equipped with the right tools nor do they have the specialized aptitudes to make the learning environment technologically advanced. Online education has many benefits for both, the instructors and the learner. Technologically advanced classes help the educators to transform drilling addresses into fun and engaging meetings with the assistance of a visual presentation of information. Here are a couple of more ways in which online education is an interesting way of upgrading skills:

Following the social distancing norms, sharing and broadcasting study material online has shown more advantages than the regular teaching modules. The research material shared online, is easy to transfer and share among the participants in any part of the world and can be used while directing talks as well. This data sharing capability gives online education a unique edge. Ed-tech startups today have their own resource reserve which can be utilized by the instructors to help the learners at some point.

Another advantage of digital learning is that it can be conducted and consumed from any part of the world. In circumstances such as the current ones where mobility is restricted, the educators can direct live talks from their home and the students can join these discussions on the web and keep up with the pace. Regardless of whether the learner or the educator is travelling, they can speed up as they had planned while staying in without having to postpone anything. There are no time limitations on the online classes either, the students can get to help from any place – all they require is a stable internet connection. 

The live sessions that the educators lead these days can be recorded and put aside for future references, which can be of great help to the learners who may have missed it. These resources can likewise be utilized by learners and instructors later to audit their exercises. The recorded lectures can be put on the cloud, to be utilized at whatever point required. Transferred study material can likewise be altered and refreshed whenever required by the instructor.

Digital learning is a treat to the eyes. While it has its own operational benefits, teachers can direct talks utilizing visual elements such as pictures, charts, maps, and so forth in the representation and designs to make teaching fun and intriguing. These pictorial representations are known to have an increased effect on the students’ retention and overall performance. Digital learning takes lesser time than conventional classrooms, for the two instructors and students. The latter doesn’t have to make extended reservations to be available for the classes and even the instructors can easily share their feedback online in lesser time. 

This medium of education is a great tool since the learners reportedly give more consideration to the exercises being taught here than in an otherwise classroom. Virtual learning as an approach substantially advances the ‘environmental conservation' aspect. Since all the information and study material is shared online, there is no wastage of paper. This is simply one more added advantage of shifting to online classes as it helps in keeping our environment green and clean.

Today, one can choose from an array of courses available online. These courses need not merely provide textbook knowledge, rather they are more vivid in nature and offer future-oriented skills. Learners are more inclined towards learning the exponential power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Programming, Robotics, Game Design, Internet of Things (IoT), Drones, 3D printing, iOS App Development, Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) as these are skills that the future demands. Ed-tech enterprises, such as BeSingular are excellently matching pace with the rapid technological advancements and providing opportunities that can help build long-lasting career skills for the coming generations.


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