Article: SHADO Group Co-CEO Ben Lim prefers 'outcome' over 'effort'


SHADO Group Co-CEO Ben Lim prefers 'outcome' over 'effort'

In a rapid fire interview on the theme of the month, #LeadTheWay, Ben Lim, Co-CEO of SHADO Group, a Singapore-based company shared leadership lessons he learned on the go as a People Leader and answered some other candid questions.
SHADO Group Co-CEO Ben Lim prefers 'outcome' over 'effort'

SHADO Group Co-CEO Ben Lim believes that through commercial electric fleets, congested cities can profitably start and grow a charging grid as the first step towards electrification of mobility. He is excited about the potential of technology and loves exploring the many possibilities it holds. As part of our #LeadThe Way series, in a Rapid Fire interview, Lim answers some candid questions on leadership.

What is the one leadership lesson you learned on the go as a People Leader?

Be as enthusiastic and passionate as your team!

One step that you are taking to develop a leadership culture in your organization?

Encourage leaders to take risks. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission! 

One thing that you consider as your strength and one thing that you would like to improve on?

I understand the technology as well as anyone, which helps in the electric vehicle industry.

As an entrepreneur, I often allow myself to get stuck on the minutiae. I want to be able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 

What should leaders do: create more leaders or create more followers and why?

I think it is important to create the opportunity for everyone to be a leader. That means giving people the chance to take on more responsibility. Those that thrive will go on to become leaders.

One thing that makes you passionate about your work?

Developing technology that has never been done before is incredibly exciting.

Three key learnings that you have picked up from your team.

  • When the team speak as one they are often right.
  • The amount of time spent in the office does not necessarily reflect results.
  • Do not micro-manage.

What’s the one most important factor you consider when hiring someone?

Hire for attitude. Everything else can be taught.

What sort of leader would your team say that you are?

I would hope that they see me as very knowledgeable in my field. 

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