Article: Leaders share the secret to building the workforce of the future


Leaders share the secret to building the workforce of the future

Here are some best lessons focused on nurturing the workforce and talent as we inspire to change the game!
Leaders share the secret to building the workforce of the future

The year gone by held a lot of learnings for each one of us as the world of work went through a transformation amid the emergence of new phenomenas, challenges and struggles. While employees finally found their voice and a firm footing, leaders were able to realise the power of culture, transparency and listening towards building workplaces that can weather disruptions. 

As we move ahead into 2024 amid the technological leaps that will transform the future, we urge you to remember a few nuggets of wisdom from leaders, who will help you focus on what’s essential now. 

So, let’s take a look at what some of the top leaders had to say about the people and processes in a tech-driven world: 

Dave Ulrich, Professor at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and Co-Founder & Partner at RBL Group, in a mega closing keynote on ‘HR 3.0: How Can HR Deliver Value To All Stakeholders, Business and People’ argued about the context and content in today’s workplace and what it entails and how HR leaders can navigate these uncertainties and upheavals if they  constantly evaluate and keep up with market trends. If you are eager to catch up on the whole session, click here

Shirzad Chamine, Founder and CEO, Positive Intelligence Inc and New York Bestselling author in his keynote session on ‘FreshEyes: Eyes Of A Sage' at Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference revealed ways to build mental fitness to achieve one’s true potential, for both professional success and personal fulfilment. To walk the path to learning the secret to defeating internal foes, you can read his book, Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours. 

Holger Mueller, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research in his keynote session, ‘The Next Gen of Work: Powered by Tech, Driven by People’ at People Matters TechHR Singapore sheds light on the emerging tech giving rise to evolving work models and what human capital leaders need to understand as organisations rethink new possibilities. As we usher in the future of work, he urges leaders to be people-centric, agile, fast and think smart. Listen to his insightful session here

Peck Kem Low, CHRO and Advisor (Workforce Development) for the Public Service Division (PSD) in her ‘Mega Power Panel: Rethink What’s Possible: Outside-in & Inside-Out Perspective’ reiterated the need for leaders to walk the talk. In the era of employees, the need to empower them is of utmost importance and the basis on which great companies are built on. To understand how Peck Kem Low has cultivated talent at PSD and contributed to Singapore's success in human capital development, listen to the first episode of our latest podcast, People Matters Unplugged here

Lisa V Chang, SVP and Global Chief People Officer, The Coca-Cola Company in her keynote session, ‘CHRO Power Panel: Crafting a Cohesive Culture with Human and Tech’ at the People Matters TechHR Singapore conference put across her views for the need to use technology to better people’s lives. Looking into the future, Lisa Chang shared her concerns about how the next generation of hybrid leaders will address the challenges of the workers, while ensuring job satisfaction, motivation and performance. To read more about the established principles at Coca-Cola company, click here

Kirthiga Reddy, Founder, Investor, Board Director and President, Athena SPACs, in her virtual keynote on ‘AI For A Better World: Leading Ethical Tech Transformations’ brought to light her strong belief in technology becoming a lever to eradicate the inequalities of the world. Kirthiga Reddy emphasised on the AI revolution that is underway today and how it can be a game changer for HR, bringing about a transformation in the way we hire, train and onboard employees. To know more about the how, click here

Peyush Bansal, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lenskart, in a mega closing keynote on ‘A CEO-CPO Perspective: Building A Winning Culture’ spoke about the need for HR to get that seat at the table, and why there is a need for leaders who take care of both people and business in every organisation today. 

Pramath Nath, CHRO, Adani Green Energy Ltd, in a think tank on ‘Experimenting With Work Models: What Works?’ argued about the pros and cons of the hybrid model and how HR leaders should address the need for employee flexibility, which poses a threat to established talent practices. Not just that, he also shared how HR leaders can navigate the hybrid model by building newer, more robust people processes and leveraging digital platforms to ensure companies hire, engage, train and retain talent. 

Sunil Setlur, Founder and Managing Director, Cognisen at Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference emphasised on the need for a “listening” culture in a fireside chat on ‘Humans At Work: Creating A Listening Culture.’ He shared the ways in which one can seek feedback from the workforce, and how honest feedback can only be obtained when one ensures the workforce's feedback is acted upon. To learn about leadership, click here

Natasha Bowman, workplace equity and mental wellness pioneer in a keynote session on ‘Re:Frame The Opportunity Within: The Power of One’ shared what determined her to turn her pain into purpose and her journey into finding and using the power of #1 after her bipolar disorder diagnosis at 40. 

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