Article: Here’s how Mathilda is driving socially responsible hiring automation

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Here’s how Mathilda is driving socially responsible hiring automation

Have you ever wondered how you can make hiring experience more meaningful for not only the one candidate you hire but all candidates you engage with? Read how mathilda® has created a socially responsible hiring automation platform with the intent that the hiring experience should be transparent, gratifying and conclusive for both employers and candidates.
Here’s how Mathilda is driving socially responsible hiring automation

As the pandemic accelerated the pace of digitization and automation, both organizations and HR solution providers relooked at the way they use tech to solve talent challenges. Among the many themes that have emerged is, “Potential of automation and artificial intelligence being harnessed to not just drive economic benefits but to also promote human and societal well-being.” 

For instance, let’s start with the first touchpoint of employee lifecycle, Recruitment. Recruitment has probably been one of the most and oldest automated aspects among all people processes. In fact, it has undergone tremendous transformation and innovation. But as the new reality of work shapes up, recruitment automation is being looked at from a new lens: Is it meaningful? Does it focus on people's experience? Or is it just chasing data and numbers?

Josephine Chia, Chief Experience Officer, mathilda® believes, “From our viewpoint, there is little meaning and ROI, if you are investing bucket loads in marketing the company yet failing to treat your candidates decently. For every job, there can be only one hire but many could turn out to be brand ambassadors from a great experience. Just for that, it is enough for companies to look at the way each candidate is handled.”

Hence, beyond just helping organizations in finding the right candidate, mathilda® is focusing on candidate experience. 

Creating a transparent, gratifying and conclusive hiring experience 

mathilda® was founded as a multi-user experience-based software that considers the perspective of the recruiter, hiring manager, interviewer, supporting agencies, and candidates. Josephine shares, “One of our core beliefs was the candidate experience.” While they have been in the recruitment business, they were frustrated to see how often the candidates don’t get to “hear back”. 

“With a little automation, it is not difficult to inform candidates to tell them they weren’t successful. We made it easy and convenient, so all they have to do is be thoughtful in writing that rejection reason instead of a ‘not good enough’,” added Josephine.

Hence, mathilda® became a socially responsible hiring automation platform created with the intent that the hiring experience should be transparent, gratifying and conclusive for both employers and candidates. The next generation Application Tracking System of mathilda® allows employers to hire the right candidates, as per their requirements. 

But there is more to it. As Josephine shared, “On top of managing all these, we are also a believer of HOW you do it matters.” 

Engaging a candidate from start to finish: ice-breaker emails, candidate self-service interview scheduling that relieves tedious arrangement from the Talent Acquisition team, asking for their experience score in a fun and visually appealing way and lastly, especially in the light of COVID-19, the rejection is done with thought, with encouragement and with other avenues for them to pursue. 

“To us, that’s being socially responsible and respectful to the candidates who gave their time and effort in your process to make one hire. We make the software easy, automated and convenient from each hiring member’s perspectives, so that you can redirect your time and care on the candidates instead,” said Josephine. 

Since going live last year, Mathilda have had clients across financial services, fintech and high-tech manufacturing. What has been promising is the difference for their clients before and after using mathilda®. The level of engagement between the clients and candidates has improved tremendously and they also have data to prove it - A client in insurance saw a 42 percent jump in candidate turn up rate for interviews. This is also the first-time hiring managers are able to see how their candidates rate their interview experience, visually across mathilda® 's Leaderboard which encourages better ambassadorship from the interviewers. 

With these achievements and vision to transform candidate experience, mathilda® looks forward to scale and expand, even amid the pandemic. “While COVID-19 has thwarted our expansion plans, we remain optimistic and continue our business development to penetrate markets beyond Singapore, while also developing a strong vertical base at home,” said Josephine. 

The way forward: Converting rejection into an opportunity

Moving forward, one of the many features in development, for mathilda® includes using AI to tabulate skills and competencies, suggesting talent that goes beyond branded universities and GPAs, giving a multi-dimensional view to a candidate. They can utilize the feedback from one opportunity to enhance their own career. The entire hiring process for candidates becomes more meaningful as it helps them become more self-aware and also understand the needs of the market. 

Additionally, the recruitment tech firm is also planning to release a freemium version soon. “Including SMEs with lean HR teams, who can afford hiring efficiency, communicate your unique employer brand, and offer exceptional candidate experience without costing an arm and a leg,” said Josephine.

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