Article: Here are the next 5 startups of People Matters TechHRSG Startup Program 2020

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Here are the next 5 startups of People Matters TechHRSG Startup Program 2020

From tech-enabled engagement platform to AI based recruitment solutions, the HR tech and work tech startups participating People Matters TechHR Singapore Startup Program have a plethora of solutions to present. Read here about five of the many startups participating in the program.
Here  are the next 5 startups of People Matters TechHRSG Startup Program 2020

As the demand for more innovative solutions rises and more startups emerge in the space, they need guidance and more inputs for their solutions to ensure that they are moving in the right direction. It is important that they understand the talent challenges and business needs of different companies.

Keeping the importance of learning and networking for HR and work tech startups in mind, People Matters every year hosts a unique program called TechHR Startup Program for them.

The People Matters TechHR Startup Program is back with its second edition in Singapore. On 20th February at People Matters TechHR Conference at Marina Bay Sands, HR and Work Tech Startups from around the world will once again get the opportunity to get first-hand feedback from potential customers. The one to one sessions with mentorps allow startups to have a deeper conversation with great investors about the business, its opportunities, and growth.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the participants of the People Matters TechHR Singapore Startup program 2020:


Found in: 2017

Founder(s): Sean Hinton

Headquartered In (Country): Canada

SkyHive offers an enterprise AI platform that supports rapid workforce reskilling through talent acquisition, career pathways, training and development, and strategic workforce planning. 

It has developed a proprietary dynamic skills ontology capable of capturing real-time shifts in the labor market on a skill level. It strives to empower enterprises with robust workforce reskilling roadmaps that are adaptive, and allows employers to engage the workforce and monitor the reskilling progress in real-time. Based out of Canada, the startups focus area now is on for acquiring strategic partners and clients in the Asia region.

Meet SkyHive and learn more about its solution at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020 on 20th February 2020

Sykd Talent

Found in: 2019


Headquartered In (Country): Singapore

Sykd Talent uses AI technology and behavioral psychology to enable early career hiring. A team of psychologists, data scientists and computer programmers are building personality assessment solutions for marketers and corporate recruiters. Through video games they enable AI-based predictive hiring. 

Employers can use their app to build a profile of the ideal candidate. All candidates play short video games that assess their aptitude and attitude. Employers get a sorted list based on how closely the candidates fit their benchmark profile. Hiring decisions made by employers are further fed into the system so it learns the profiles of candidates companies prefer in each job role. It becomes smarter with each subsequent year, providing more value to customers than the year before.

Meet the team of Sykd Talent at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020 and learn more about its solution. 


Astarel Pte Ltd

Found in: 2017

Founder(s): Josephine Chia

Headquartered In (Country): Singapore

The team at Astarel believes that hiring should be enjoyable, easy and purposeful and this is why they designed Mathilda, an interview experience platform to help employers transform their candidate-hirer engagement and build a stellar employer brand. 

The interview platform is designed from a 'user-first' perspective, to create a groundbreaking and intuitive solution that simplifies and shortens the hiring process. The idea is to automate the interview process while keeping all the stakeholders including the candidates, happy. 

Astarel’s solution has been built by combining modern technology with the values of old school hiring ethos. With Mathilda, the team brings forth creative solutions through design thinking which can bring back the human warmth of the traditional recruitment process. Some of the key features of the solution include Self-Service Timezone Scheduling, Smart Feedback and Hiring Leaderboard. Through these features of Astarel’s solution aims to help employers in monitoring the entire hiring process and also help them in creating an engaging experience for the candidates.

Explore and experience Astarel’s recruitment solution Mathilda at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020 and learn more about its solution. 


Found in: 2014

Founder(s): Oswald Yeo, Looi Qin En, Seah Ying Cong, Wong Yong Jie, and Steve Anderson Sutanto

Headquartered In (Country): Singapore

Glints strives to bridge the gap between education and employment by providing a professional platform for young people focused on career discovery and development. They help young people discover their passions and develop the relevant career skills, while empowering employers to attract the right talent more effectively.

Through their tech-enabled recruitment platform in Asia Glint enables companies to build successful teams with young talent, enabling a world where all people and organizations realize their human potential.

Meet the team of Glints at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020 and learn more about its solution. 


Found in: 2018

Founder(s): Taavi Toots, Britt Velling, Artur Käpp and Kärt Viltrop

Headquartered In (Country): Estonia

GuavaHR is a data driven internal communication and employee engagement platform for companies with deskless employees. Particularly, for industries like logistics, warehousing, retail + wholesale and horeca. It basically combines social and organizational information feeds and spices them up with employee engagement drivers to create one engaging communication channel for the whole company. 

GuavaHR enables employers to measure employee engagement, compare it with others in the country or industry and learn from the best. 

The longer vision of this Estonia based HR tech startup is to model the engagement to smaller pillars and develop specialized programs to help boost engagement where the ROI/problem is the biggest. 

Learn more about GuavaHR's solutions at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020.

On 20th February, you will get a chance to meet these and many other HR and work tech startups from across the globe at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020 at Marina Bay Sands. 

Have you registered yet? If not, click here to learn more about the conference and register. 

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