Article: Personal & customized: EX in agile organizations

Employee Engagement

Personal & customized: EX in agile organizations

The current crisis has forced businesses to change their ways of working while focusing on the agility to evolve. How can organizations reimagine their people strategy to ensure this?
Personal & customized: EX in agile organizations

The value of agility in today’s workforce is getting higher. Businesses are altering faster than ever before as they move towards flatter organizational structures.However, agility and business success will remain a far-fetched dream if employees are not engaged, worst if they don’t trust you. 

In this fireside chat between Laura Cole, Head of HR Digital Service and Employee Experience at Standard Chartered and Radha Shreeniwas, Senior Director of Human Resources, APJ, ServiceNow, moderated by Yasmin Taj, Senior Editor, People Matters reflect on how to personalize EX for an agile organizations.

Relooking people strategy

When entering this new era where employee experience is really governed by employee choice. It is work from anywhere, workplace hybrid model, and many other aspects of work which we were earlier learning before pandemic, now has become a reality. Our business functions have come more closer to create a great employee experience.

Connectivity for better collaboration

With work becoming more complex, the workforce being more physically distant, and the future more uncertain than ever, the need to build a highly collaborative workforce that can sail together through the uncharted waters is inevitable.

While digital collaborative tools enable instantaneous communication with virtually anyone, the way people use that technology can—paradoxically—contribute to increased feelings of isolation. Simply having a digital tool at our fingertips doesn’t necessarily make us feel more connected; it needs to be much more intentional than that. We have to ask ourselves how these digital tools serve us as individuals, teams and organizations and really put people at the heart of any technology we use. Hence, the human element, compassion, and empathy must not be forgotten when using technology. 

Leadership focus on  mental wellbeing and supporting employees 

As humans we can handle change, but we do not do well with uncertainty. Given the enormous uncertainty everyone is facing —economically, personally, and professionally — these mental health statistics are as predictable as they are alarming. The role of leadership in crisis demands more support to employees and encourage them to take care of their health, and mental well-being.

The mental health crisis stemming from Covid-19 is serious and will be with us for some time to come. Leaders need to approach it with compassion, honesty, and openness. 

Aligning people with culture and purpose during the most uncertain times

Organizational culture is an intangible element in a company’s success. But it’s unquestionably a key element, one worthy of every leader’s time and attention. Defining and managing cultural alignment “is crucial to creating a healthy environment for employees to remain engaged, especially in the times of uncertainity.

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