Article: inFeedo’s quest to help SEA firms crack the code of engagement

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inFeedo’s quest to help SEA firms crack the code of engagement

Here’s how inFeedo’s AI engagement bot is helping companies in Southeast Asia redefine employee engagement.
inFeedo’s quest to help SEA firms crack the code of engagement

About six years ago, inFeedo started with a mission to make the voice of every employee feel heard and valued. Since then the company has grown tremendously and is helping HR redefine the rules of employee engagement across 100 enterprises like GE, Airtel, Pepsi, EMAAR, and Tata, in more than 50 countries. In the last two years, the company has grown 23x, reporting nearly $2 Mn ARR, and as the founder and CEO of inFeedo puts it, “We’re expanding our engagement bot Amber to make a dent in the employee engagement market in South East Asia, which is overrun with products that don’t work or employees don’t care about. We’re trying to change this narrative by building an engagement bot that employees absolutely love chatting with and HR leaders can work with to derive actionable insights from.” 

Recently, inFeedo helped Kuala Lumpur based insurance company AXA Affin GI enhance their employee engagement program around a time when its HRBP to employee ratio was 1:426. The HR team found it difficult to gain an accurate sense of how their employees were feeling at the workplace. Their search for a robust platform to accurately track candid and real-time feedback at scale ended with Amber.

Amber, the AI-enabled colleague of several employees at AXA Affin GI, through constant interactions, has been helping bring the voice of employees to notice, enhancing their experience, and making HR’s work easier. Amber is the product of the people analytics company inFeedo, which was founded in 2013 by Tanmaya Jain. 

Amber: Ensuring every employee at the workplace feels heard and valued

Amber’s inception began after a month of rigorous sprints by Tanmaya, his partner and Chief Product Officer Varun Puri, and their team. With the realization that individuals spend a good amount of their time at the workplace, Tanmaya and his team decided to build a solution that makes employees feel like their voice matters in the organization. 

Beyond annual surveys that assess employee engagement from the organization’s point of view, the team at inFeedo wanted this product to be more human, accurate, employee-centric, and capture real-time data. 

Tanmaya, in his previous interaction with People Matters, shared, “The whole team and I worked together non-stop for several days. Sleeping in the office, eating in the office and working in the office. And towards the end, our lives changed. As per the book, on the final day, we had to pitch the prototype to the target audience, which in our case were HR heads. When we presented Amber to the HR leaders, they were bowled over.”

Today Amber, the AI-enabled engagement bot, talks to employees regularly and basis the interaction, she reports to the HR team who is unhappy and most likely to leave with the exact reason why. 

Manisha Agarwal, Head HR India, Puma shared, “While PUMA is a hugely engaged organization, we always felt the need to have a tool that could provide a measure for this. The employee engagement survey are static and are not able to capture the dynamic nature of human emotions.” 

“A tool like Amber gives us a constant connect with our people and throw insights that are backed by data and have clear actionables,” she added. 

For Puma, 91 percent drivers affecting employee experience saw a positive impact ever since they started using inFeedo’s solutions. It experienced a 24 percent increase in positive sentiment around communication and action on feedback and an increase of 63 percent in constructive feedback shared by employees and acted upon by HR.

Further, in the case of OYO, whose rapidly growing employee base required a scalable solution to maintain regular connect, 75 percent at-risk employees were saved. 

Dinesh Ramamurthi, CHRO, OYO, shared that inFeedo’s solutions helped the entire company to evolve continuously and build a great company culture as they grow across the globe.

Taking Amber to SEA: The case of a leading Kuala Lumpur based insurance firm

“Empowering people to live a better life means allowing them to create their own success stories. In AXA Affin GI, that’s what we do,” shared Mohd Syukri Ahmad Sudari, Chief People Officer. 

While empowering its employees was a top priority for AXA Affin GI, it was struggling to accurately track candid and real-time feedback at scale and the pulse surveys they were using were not enough to measure individual sentiment. 

That’s when they onboarded inFeedo’s AI-enabled engagement bot. With Amber, the HR team has been able to:  

  • Gather daily and fortnightly insights HRBPs can proactively act on the shared feedback. 
  • Reduce the ratio to 1:11 and prioritize and address high-risk employee cases in one to two weeks. 
  • Regularly track employee sentiment and measure it with Amber's tenure-based model. 

With 87 percent response rate and ⅘ rating on the organization wide mood, the Malaysian general insurance company has been able to garner an ROI of 18x with inFeedo. 

The way forward

From almost shutting shop in 2016 to working with over 100 leading organizations today, inFeedo has indeed come a long way. In the next five years, inFeedo will continue to work towards ensuring each employee across the world has a friend at work to confide in during moments that matter, and is thereby able to enable HR drive positive change proactively.  

“Our key focus area for FY 19-20 is the US market where top talent retention, diversity and inclusion continue to remain priorities for people leaders. The growth opportunity is huge considering people are moving away from traditional forms of engagement and annual engagement surveys to more robust, realtime and scalable solutions,” says Tanmaya Jain, CEO and founder, inFeedo.

In 2020, inFeedo joins Asia’s largest HR and Work Tech conference, People Matters TechHR Singapore as a Diamond Partner. 

Meet inFeedo’s CEO Tanmaya Jain and its team at People Matters TechHR Singapore on 20th February at Marina Bay Sands. 

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