Article: Rapid-fire with Ben Elliott, Experian APAC's CEO


Rapid-fire with Ben Elliott, Experian APAC's CEO

I often wonder how long it would have taken us to get to this comfort level with remote working, had it not been for the pandemic. It has shown us that our people can remain productive wherever they work, says Ben Elliott, CEO, Experian, Asia Pacific.
Rapid-fire with Ben Elliott, Experian APAC's CEO

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Ben is Chief Executive Officer for Experian Asia Pacific (APAC), where he manages a broad portfolio of responsibilities that covers business strategy and growth. As a regional leader, Ben places great importance on people and the essential role they play in Experian’s success.

Ben joined Experian in May 2012 as Managing Director, Decision Analytics, APAC where he was responsible for overseeing and growing Experian’s data insights and analytics business in the region. He then transited to the role of Chief Operating Officer, APAC in March 2013.

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