Video: Navigating the big shifts in the world of people and work


Navigating the big shifts in the world of people and work

Graham James Lim of Globalization Partners shares some critical strategies for unleashing the potential of the remote workforce and achieving recruitment success in today’s talent landscape.


In his keynote address at People Matters TechHR Singapore, Graham James Lim, Senior Partner Manager-APAC teams, Globalization Partners, shares his incredible take on how leading businesses must approach the world of people and work. The APAC region, according to him, is marked by three dominant trends: a constantly evolving workplace, changing priorities of the employee and how the talent landscape is bridled with new challenges and opportunities equally. 

To empower organisations with a remote workforce to thrive in such a context, he outlines four key strategies:

  • Accepting the possibility that your hires might wish to pick up skills and take up tasks beyond the roles they were hired for. 
  • Invest in making your employees feel like they belong. 
  • Prioritise your people’s mental health and well-being. 
  • Rotate the timezone sacrifice. 

Hiring a remote workforce is increasingly beneficial for organisations today as it counters the risk of having a homogenous workforce, and they benefit from a plurality of ideas for innovation and growth. Studies also show a 50% increase in productivity due to a diverse workforce. Furthermore, as companies today embrace the future of work and design strategies for growth and expansion, a remote workforce then becomes a key ingredient to unlocking success. 

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